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bike on rent in Jaisalmer

bike on rent in Jaisalmer

In the midst of the Thar Desert, in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, sits Jaisalmer, a former center of medieval trade and a princely state. It is referred to as the “Golden City” and is distinguished by its golden sandstone construction. The vast Jaisalmer Fort, a hilltop fortification protected by 99 bastions, commands the skyline. Ornate Jain shrines and the Maharaja’s Palace are located behind its imposing walls. The best way to explore the city without missing a single sight and get the most out of your visit is by getting yourself a bike on rentin Jaisalmer, which is the best choice.

Jaisalmer Fort

Located in the Thar Desert’s beautiful sands, Jaisalmer Fort is more than just a fort; it’s also a tiny community with homes, temples, stores, and eateries. Because of its elevation, it provides a breathtaking and expansive perspective over the golden-hued city of Jaisalmer. The experience of walking through the maze-like passageways is worthwhile.

Village of Kuldhara

One of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Jaisalmer is Kuldhara Village, which is about 20 kilometers from Golden City Jaisalmer. Kuldhara Village is a historical location that is now cared for by the Archaeological Survey of India. Visitors can come here and take a look around to get a sense of how the ancient village was in its earlier days. There are approximately 85 minor hamlets scattered over the enormous Kuldhara region. Every cabin and cottage in the communities is destroyed and in ruins. There are also the collapsed ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to a goddess, most likely Mother Nature, which is now deserted and uninhabited.

Lake of Gadisar

Gadisar Lake gives dazzling and alluring perspectives on the lake and the encompassing post, especially when the eastern sky is crimson as the sun rises, projecting its beams on the upper floors of Jaisalmer Stronghold. This artificial lake, constructed in the 12th or 13th century, is now a well-liked tourist destination. For those who like architecture, culture, and quiet, it is the perfect getaway. Visit this location for a tranquil experience in Jaisalmer as you get the opportunity to take in the captivating sunset vista.

Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli is a collection of five little havelis constructed by a wealthy businessman in the 19th century. It is additionally referred to as “the manor of brocade dealers.” It still has a substantial collection of artifacts and masonry that provide a window into the aristocratic way of life of the Patwa family. The intricate wall paintings, balconies with expansive views, doorways, arches, and, most significantly, the mirror artwork on the walls are what make this architecture so complex.

The Nathmal ki Haveli

Jaisalmer’s Nathmal ki Haveli is a lavish haveli. Yellow sandstone is primarily used in the construction of the Jaisalmer fort’s architecture and embellishments. As a result, when sunlight strikes these formations, they glow like gold. The walls are decorated with carvings and magnificent murals made with 1.5 kg of gold leaf.

The Salim Singh Ki Haveli

A stunning building in the center of the city of Jaisalmer is called Salim Singh ki Haveli. It also has another lovely name, Jahaz Mahal, because the front facet of the haveli resembles the stern of a ship. With a stunning peacock-shaped arched ceiling, the Haveli, which is approximately 300 years old, is a sight to behold. The home is famed for its architectural grandeur and was built using sturdy iron rods rather than cement and plaster.

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