Death Drive

Nevada’s most breathtaking views are not to be found on the Las Vegas Strip. Nevada’s 365-mile Death Drive, according to Only in Your State, is one of the state’s top road trips, taking you to some of the most breathtaking views Southern Nevada has to offer. Even while it will show you some of the state’s most beautiful natural areas, it is also quite easy to travel there. Drivers can go from Las Vegas to Death Valley (thus the name Death Drive) and return on this circle. Keep in mind that there are numerous Death Drive paths to choose from. People commonly start their journey by driving from Las Vegas to Pahrump, which takes around two hours, according to Travel Nevada. You’ll be able to explore the springs at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park on this portion of the trek.
Mountain Springs Saloon, one of Nevada’s “greatest biker,” is one of the best locations to stop and refresh after you arrive in Pahrump. According to Travel Nevada, Mountain Falls Golf Club, and Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club if you’re searching for something a little more upmarket.

Then, according to Only in Your State, it’s time to visit Death Valley National Park, a three-million-acre desert full of intriguing rock formations, canyons, and mountains. The Artist’s Palette Overlook, Zabriskie Point, and Scotty’s Castle are some of the best places to stop. If you’re seeking for eerie mementos on Death Drive, according to Travel Nevada, there’s also a coffin-themed roadside shop.
Drivers can eventually reach Beatty, where they can stop at Rhyolite, one of the state’s most famous “ghost towns,” according to Only in Your State. The Goldwell Open Air Museum, which is located along this route, has some unique artwork.

Drivers will begin to move south again, towards Las Vegas, around halfway through their journey. You’ll be driving through the region surrounding Mount Charleston on this route, and depending on the time of year, you might even see snow. This location is roughly 12,000 feet above sea level, according to Only in Your State, making it one of Nevada’s tallest peaks.

One of Nevada’s most thrilling beautiful routes has the strangest name. At first glance, the Death Drive may not appear to be very promising. In fact, it appears to be quite harmful. Those that survive this oddly titled scenic road journey, on the other hand, will be rewarded with some of Southern Nevada’s most breathtaking sights. This road trip has its ups and downs, taking you through valleys, mountains, and everything in between. However, one thing is certain. From start to finish, you’ll be completely enthralled.

This long, gorgeous trip is possibly the finest way to explore Nevada’s beautiful (and diverse) scenery.

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