Travel during a Pandemic: The Dos and Don’ts of Motorcycle Riding

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Being a motorcycle enthusiast the constant drive to seek ventures and experience adventure is getting challenged during the pandemic. Even professional motorcyclists are debating if it is good to travel during pandemics or not. Most people are claiming that the pandemic is a blessing in disguise for the motorcycle enthusiast because now they can travel everywhere without thinking about the rush hour, traffic jams, and tourists.

However, some people are thinking that during a pandemic when everything is at a halt, it is getting pretty challenging to find a good accommodation. Apart from this, the government is closing borders, and police are very actively searching and restricting people from leisure-based journeys. However, motorcycle enthusiasts are now finding ways to explore their own country and hidden gems that were once limited as a tourist destination only.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight the preventive measures that every motorcycle rider must take before planning a motorcycle ride. We will also cover the packing details and how you can sanitize your motorcycle for a safer journey.

What do you need To Keep In Mind?

During pandemics, people get very conscious about sanitizing and there is no doubt it is important. However, as compared to traveling in a car, riding a motorcycle is still much safer. Before riding your motorcycle start by sanitizing your body and then sanitizing your gear, usually, sanitizer consists of alcohol that will kill germs and it leaves no smell, taste, or longer impact so it is very safe to use. You just need to spray your gears, helmet, and your motorcycle with sanitizer.

After sanitizing your equipment, sanitize your body as well, and then wear a mask. Most people claim that they find it very hard to breathe after wearing a mask and helmet so you can skip the mask when you are wearing the helmet. However once you get off your motorcycle and meet people, make sure to wear your mask. You can also keep a small sanitizer with you so that you can sanitize your hands again after getting off the motorcycle.

How to Plan Your Trip?

During a pandemic, your aim should be to find a route that has minimum stops. You need to cut the human contact to a minimum and if you keep stopping at every petrol station, you will end up wasting your time and there is a chance that you will end up meeting more people as well. Try to plan your trip with people you know and who have tested negative. This will help you to enjoy the view, company and stay entertained as well. While packing for the journey, keep everything that you can need.

Try to carry your food, water, and utensils. With the pandemic, most people are already shutting down their stores so there is a high chance you might not be able to shop for essentials on your way. Planning for packing and other equipment is very important. Apart from this, keep kitchen items and ready-made food. Make sure you have sanitized the food packets before adding them to your luggage. For carrying luggage get a sturdy pair of saddlebags and a big backpack. Do not borrow any backpack from the luggage shop, only use your things.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, motorcycle journeys are much more fun during the pandemic as compared to the normal days. You will have enough time to take a picture without thinking about rush hours, you will be able to enjoy your traveling time much more because the roads will be free.

Although you still need to think about your safety and the safety of others with precautionary measures you can easily save yourself and the people around you. Most people get very excited on empty roads which can cause accidents as well so you need to keep in mind that going to the mountains is much safer and much more enjoyable than going to places that will be crowded.

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