Dubai’s 3-Day Travel Program Will Surprise You

dubai travel program

The city of Dubai is an amazing place to visit and if 3 days are what you have available, this estimate will be enough to see all the most popular tourist attractions in this glittering emirate. From luxury to style to architecture, Dubai really has it all—including the tallest building in the whole world: the Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper. And this is probably the What attraction lies in the city is especially noticeable here. But, there’s too much to be done in this city- this whole world is asking about the best places to visit in the UAE. Dubai has the widest range of things to do, starting from dining & ending at taking a ride between dunes or diving from the sky or skiing on deserts or paddling in water or dancing in clubs. Overall, every area of this megacity has a particular specialty.

Be it having fun at the tallest restaurant or doing the adrenaline-pumping activities like dune bashing, skydiving and skiing, it’s the Dubai that offers you an opportunity to explore the adventure side of it also. If you are in search of interesting vintage, this city is for you.

  1. The Burj Khalifa

Morning: Of course, the best option is to make your arrival at Dubai International Airport (DXB) in the morning to enjoy the city the most possible way during your Dubai vacation. Multinational corporations with outstanding brands, local and international hotels are the great trump card of Dubai these days. A choice of any of this selection of hotels irrespective of the number of days resided, would be at least comfortable but certainly luxurious. Part of the growing collection of Jumeirah hotels is very much preferable. We would highly recommend that you enjoy your complimentary breakfast at the hotel before setting off for your first exciting Dubai escapade!

Afternoon: Pick the sights at first which are the obviously representing the city. One of the most amazing things in Dubai is its stylish and impressive skyscrapers that are unbelievable almost. And one of the first things tourists need to do when they head to this impressive city is to check out its two iconic structures that stand like beacons in the desert: Burj Khalifa and Burge Arab.

Evening: Considering that it’s roughly a 20-minute drive from the city center and the Burj Khalifa, you’ll be able to spot the Dubai-shaped boat like structure beside the coastline known as the Burj al Arab. Moreover, in addition to a fantastic building, the Burj Al Arab is a seven-star hotel. An evening meal in this fabulous hotel which offers a wide selection of Arab and world’s cuisines of very high quality with an astounding view to the sea. For your special evening, why not book a dinner and who knows, if you are on holiday, maybe overnight stay or even spa day!

One of the reasons for choosing Dubai as a prime destination is due to its unique and modern identity. These two mascots have made Dubai a popular tourist destination in United Arab Emirates.

  1. Dubai Mall Day

That’s right. Dubai has not failed to impress us with the largest mall in the world (no prizes for guessing that). The largest shopping mall in the United Arab Emirate by area, the Dubai Mall has around 1200 outlets ranging from Zara to the Hershey Store. It has been displayed outstanding swanky restaurants, astonishing aquarium, wow ice rink, and amazing indoor skiing resort by it too. Hence, this does not even need to be a single-day timeframe, as there are many different movies and activities to check out by simply being in one spot.

Morning: In the Dubai Mall, you can choose to have breakfast at any restaurant, with a pick ranging from American, Japanese, to Arabian cuisine. Besides, you can try your luck dinner at the Dubai Mall Fountain, because it is the most impressive truly with a magic of water and music that does a show every hour.

Afternoon: In the middle part of the mall, under a transparent roof, there is a Dubai Aquarium which, although it is partially visible from the outside, nevertheless needs a ticket in order to see all levels. They also have this wonderful Skid Dubai, that is an absolute paradise for all ski enthusiasts. Get to know the kind of slopes that will still keep you cool even when you’re at the middle of nowhere! Get ready to snowflakes and frost, this park is waiting for your visit! Do not forget to purchase a pass to fully enjoy the park and stock up winter clothes! Additionally, to entice you to buy this package, we will give you a visit to the Penguins in Ski Dubai. Penguins and the Middle East — odd couple? Seems like an oxymoron.

Evening: If you want to be still hungry till dinner you can keep treating yourself with the number of the dining options at the Dubai Mall downtown. Here are a few of your choices:


The most well-known restaurants here located in Dubai might be Tribes. To enhance the taste of AV we’ve diversified the menu, which is African-based with the intensity of flavors that are drawn from across the globe. They are the most sought-after joints by those who love to eat; because there, you can get anything lesser or bigger than a fresh prawn or salmon to a perfectly grilled wagyu, venison and any kind of steak you desire. At Tribes, you’ll have a smorgasbord of options, that you’ll have to come back for more that to try the other delicacies in the menu.

Circle of Crust

If pizza is your passion, this is the place for you! Every flavor and combination are available for you to try. At our Pizza Crust, we cook mouth-watering pizzas that have their toppings from selected premium meats plus fresh veggies, so regular pizza never be the same taste for you again. No typical pizza type you’d expect; here’s what you missed.


Lovers of Italian cuisines, do not miss out on Carluccio’s, where your taste for delicacies will be catered for. Share with your friends: The restaurant spreads attractive mood for those who come with family. This is what already taken by the people. The dishes are cooked on the basis of the best recipes of Italian cuisine, starting from risottos, pizzas, and pastas to profiteroles and cannoli as the sweet desserts.

  1. The Palm and The Marina

In The Palm you will only have the most high-class living, with beautiful houses and chill bars, and the hotels will blow you away. From the top of your seat, the island seems to imitate an exotic palm tree spreading its leaves among the waves, and the Atlantis Hotel, which surely deserves to be at the very tip of the Palm Arches in one of the most gorgeous hotels in Dubai.

Morning: Wine and dine at Saffron Restaurant in The Palm of Atlantis in this unique and otherwise unforgettable brunch. No matter if you’ve been there once before or not, this is your chance to say ‘yes.’ They have many different dining opportunities including those offering various kinds of food and alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages that will help you enjoy your stay even more. What could be better than this? It’s all about pleasurable time spent at the hotel observing the sea and having a good time in a relaxed atmosphere. Hence, wake up early and get yourself dressed in your best attire. Cast off and head to the place your heart yearns.

Afternoon: The Aqua venture Waterpark, one of the most famous and loved attractions in Dubai, located in Atlantis, is a must visit stop during your stay. It is the best water park in the world and you should book a full day pass for it. One more activity you could get involved in besides looking for whales and dolphins is also to step into the ocean on the beautiful beaches and teal water, as well as to book a kayaking tour amongst the fronds. Furthermore, for those of adrenaline-junkies, a jump over Skydive Dubai is a compulsory condition. It is in Marina but sky divers get the drop over Palm Island from the plane. However, assuming that the fly-by helicopter experience is too stressful but the height is your preference, make sure you visit the scenic tour over Dubai with Heli Dubai. It’ll let you see the city just like a bird from all the angles observing the city without any risks. 

Evening: Try something new for dinner with a dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse. Brazilian cuisine features many kinds of meats and, unlike most other Brazilian restaurants, all are cooked the traditional meat rodizio way: over an open fire. This premium selection Southern Brazilian steakhouse that is famous for its gourmet meat and fresh seafood dishes is now at your disposal. They have everything starting with the all-you-can-eat service and the buffet boasting hot & cold items to choose from for everyone.

In The End 

A travel is a necessary thing to keep your mental health & well being on track. A world is full of amazing places so don’t waste your precious time on unnecessary things instead plan for trips. 

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