El Al Airlines: Everything You Need to Know About Their Baggage Policy

el al airlines

El Al Airlines may have one of the most unique baggage policies in the airline industry, which can be difficult to understand, especially if you’re flying internationally. This article will explain everything you need to know about the Baggage Policy, how to figure out how much you can bring on your El Al Flights and whether you need to check your bag or not. Let’s get started!

How Much Can I Check In El Al?

If you are an El Al Check in Airlines first-class passenger, you can check two bags for free. If you are a Tourist class passenger (the lowest class), your maximum allowance is one bag, with a weight limit of 50 pounds per bag. Anything beyond that and you will have to pay extra. Complimentary perks include one carry-on item, as well as access to El Al Check-In kiosks for last minute options before flights leave. To carry on an item, passengers must purchase a seat in addition to their Checked Baggage Size allowance —you’ll be charged based on how many seats you book and what type of accommodation those seats are in.

What Items Are Not Allowed In El Al Checked Luggage?

Although airlines technically allow you to bring any amount of luggage onto an El Al Plane, they do have limits. Luggage weight is measured in kilograms on el al booking. And that can make a difference; for example, one bag may weigh 32 kilograms but another will weigh 27 kilograms. It all depends on its size and design, but every extra kilogram can cost you between $25-$100 each way depending on your itinerary. To ensure you avoid overpaying for your Baggage, pay attention when El Al Checking In online; be sure to print out your boarding pass ahead of time so you don’t forget and know exactly how much money you’ll need for your  Baggage fees at check-in El Al or when paying at an airport kiosk or at a flight gate.

How Much Luggage Weight Is Too Much?

When it comes to the Baggage Size matters—but so does weight. With carry-on luggage, one of your biggest worries should be exceeding its weight limit. The exact number varies by El Al Airline, but most caps are between 50 and 70 pounds. Anything above that—even if it fits within your allotted dimensions—and you’ll likely be paying a fee when you El Al Check-in for your flight. More than two bags and you might as well buy two tickets for how much it will cost you.

What If My Bags Are overweight or over packed?

To transport an overweight bag, you will be charged $49 USD per extra kilogram. Oversized and overweight bags are checked as cargo, whereas oversized bags and those which exceed weight restrictions may not be accepted for travel at all. If your bag is refused because it exceeds size or weight restrictions, you may also be required to El Al check-in another one of your bags at no additional charge. However, if you wish to pay for a second bag in order to avoid having two oversize/overweight bags checked as cargo, there is a fee of $49 USD per extra kilogram. If your bag cannot fit in any overhead compartment or under your seat due to size limitations, it will need to be stored in the cargo hold.

Does My Child Need A Seat?

If your child is 12 or younger, it is highly likely that you can take him/her on your flight without a seat. However, there are rules and exceptions depending on where you’re flying from and when; make sure you know whether or not your child will need a seat for travel before showing up at El Al check-in. To do so, talk with your airline or visit its website before making any el-al reservations or purchasing tickets. A general rule of thumb is that if it’s domestic travel (within one country), most airlines will let kids fly free if they are less than 2 years old and weigh less than 40 pounds. For international El Al Tickets Booking within Europe and Asia, only 20 % of children over 2 can travel without a seat—the other 80 % must be in their own seats.

Do I need to pay anything if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed by more than two hours, you are entitled to a meal voucher. If it’s cancelled or has to be rerouted, you can contact El Al Customer Service to request another flight or an El Al Refund for your ticket. Flight delays usually affect thousands of passengers at once and can be hard for el al airlines to handle in an orderly fashion. However, it’s rare that you have to pay anything if your flight is delayed due to reasons beyond their control—especially on European flights.

What happens if my flight gets cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled, El Al Airline will help you reschedule. If it’s a weather-related cancellation, there are no penalties for changing or cancelling. If it’s a mechanical issue that has been declared unsafe by an inspector, you can either wait out a delay (which may take hours or days) or get a refund and rebook at no additional cost; they will also reimburse you for any expenses incurred while waiting out delays like meals and hotel rooms.

What happens when my luggage doesn’t make it?

El Al’s baggage policy is straightforward and easy to understand for el al tickets booking. As long as you’re following their guidelines, you’ll have no trouble claiming your lost bag. The first thing that might happen when your luggage is lost is that a clerk will attempt to contact you immediately after landing. They’ll ask for basic information about what’s in your bag in order to help them track it down as quickly as possible. If they can’t reach you, they may go ahead and open a claim so that you don’t need to fill out any forms later on. If you miss one of these calls or haven’t provided enough information up front, expect a form in your inbox asking for more details about what’s missing from your bags.