Exploring the Enchantment: World Famous Elephanta Caves Tour with a Joyful Ride of Toy Train

elephanta caves

At the core of the extraordinary marine majesty, just a short journey away from the dynamic city of Mumbai via ferry is an encapsulated ancient marvel itself – the Elephanta Caves. These UNESCO World Heritage Site caves speak to the Indian tradition and architectural heritage that goes back to the 5th century AD. The most striking element of this marvellous journey is the joyful ride of a toy train that creates some sense of lightness under the umbrella of the magic that surrounds every stage of the trip.

The Elephanta Caves, situated on Elephanta Island (or formerly known as Gharapuri Island until today) are acknowledged as places of deep spiritual fulfilment and artistry. Another fascinating feature of the Ellora Caves is the caves which have been carved out of rock. They are adorned with panels sculpted with breathtaking detail that portray scenes from Hindu mythology. Many of these scenes are of the Trimurthi, which is the famous three-headed sculpture of Lord Shiva effigy that signifies His cosmic dance.

To experience the magnificent natural wonder, visitors need to take a short ferry ride from the Gateway of India, pleased in breathtaking water scenes of Mumbai Elephanta Caves tour vibrant skyline alongside the tranquil sea water of Arabian Sea. Travellers are treated to a welcoming atmosphere rich with green vegetation while on the island as they are fully immersed in its peaceful environment.

And the journey doesn’t stop at that. That was the real beginning of the journey as we all boarded the old vintage train that had been restored and was taking everyone to the entrance of the caves. The train, which is like a small-sized colourful train, moves on the narrow tracks and zigzags through the forest of this valley presenting beautiful and vivid sceneries. During its movement, it reveals the island’s capital and plant diversity. The rhythm of the swaying train and the repeated noise of the wheels against the tracks that reminds me of time passing by add a nostalgic feeling to this journey, reviving the fragments of the past in my mind.

When the tourists get down from the toy train and begin crossing the zone of caves’ entrance, they are impressed by breaking the billings of rock carving that rest on the façade of temples. As soon as they enter the neat, dim and clean church interiors, they are brought back in time, to the period of the early times with artistic excellence and spiritual fervour.

Deep down in the caves we can see a masterpiece that consists of engraving and sculpture which are all depicting their own mythical and legendary stories. The main wundersoze, the Trimurti sculpture, towers and looks dignified, its three faces at a stretch and penetrating the outer space, representing the journey of the cosmos from creation to preservation to destruction.

As viewers come to look through the twisting paths of the caves, visitors can’t help but admire the sculptors’ craft and skill which have been expressed by them for centuries. The complexity of the carvings on the Celestial Nymphs convinces us about the skill of the craftsman who left no detail unnoticed in the whole building and also showcases the diversity of Hindu religion by positively portraying their gods.

Once overawed by beauty, both feet can settle on the ground of the island and have the time to observe the serenity and abundant views of the ocean. The other part of the story is that, as they walk back to the jetty, one cannot help but reflect on the marvellous experience that the journey was- a trip that is indeed a fascinating mix of the elegance of ancient history and the glee of a joyous train ride.

Conclusion:- Visit to the Elephanta Caves Tour Package would be complete without glimpsing the identities of ancient India and being taken back in time. Also, the experience of the scenic views, taking a ride on a toy train makes the journey more magical. Therefore, it delivers the perfect mix of allure, excitement and reminiscing. In fact, while being in Mumbai filled with life, you should definitely go to experience the magic of the Elephanta Caves tour and the thrill of a train ride that walks you through the history.