Marvellous Place To Enjoy Snorkeling In Miami!

paddleboarding in miami beach

Do you know snorkeling is one of the most famous traveler attractions? That’s true! Your trip would not be completed without paddleboarding in Miami Beach. This is the best way to explore the marine ecosystem.

The underwater environment, especially the colorful fish of different species, will definitely amaze you and leave a lifetime experience.

Best snorkeling spots

Miami, Florida is home to the world’s 3rd biggest barrier reef and the only coral reef in the United States. The reef stretches nearly 170 miles towards the south of Miami. So there are a lot of snorkelling opportunities in this area. But to truly admire the beauty of the underwater world, you need to walk 3 to 8 miles from the coast, since the coral reef is at that distance. There are several famous snorkeling spots in Miami Key. 

So, if you decide to spend your vacations in Miami, the below-mentioned top best spots for snorkeling will surely come in helpful for you. Explore the places and make the most of your holiday.

Biscayne National Park

Want to try to snorkel in Miami Beach? Then why not think about Biscayne National Park? Yes, this park is one of the best spots to satisfy your thirst for snorkeling. It’s unique underwater world makes it the best snorkeling destination in the United States. More than half a million tourists visit Biscayne Park annually.

Biscayne National Park is wonderful. This is a paradise with a rich fauna and flora – colorful butterflies and flowers delight the eye. Birds are drawn to the protected area throughout the year: pelicans, white ibises, blue and white herons, and other near-water species.

Ocean Safari Diving

It gives you the most adventurous drive to snorkel. It is a half-day eco-tour visit, and you can visit two different snorkel stops and every destination has various marine life and coral species. 

After traveling for 25 minutes, you will find two incredible locations at Mackay and Undine reef. The Ocean safari takes a maximum of 25 passengers to experience the pleasure of a small group and experience the tropical paradise. It offers the best snorkeling trips in Miami.

South Beach Divers

South Florida diving sites have been fully developed with the best amenities and equipment available for diving enthusiasts. Geographically, Florida’s coastline is perfect for diving, swimming, snorkeling, boating, fishing, and numerous other beach holiday activities. The natural inlets of the seashores give a long and varied seafront for different kinds of water sports to be developed.

Why is it a must to try snorkeling?

  • Snorkeling is extremely exciting. A minute to put on the snorkel and find a comfortable position in the water – and you forget about everything and plunge into another world. The main thing is not to get carried away and forget that nothing can be touched with your hands for your own safety.
  • No preparation needed. This activity has no contraindications for health or physical endurance.
  • You don’t need to be able to swim to do this. To swim with a mask, you don’t even need to stay on the water properly – a life jacket does not interfere in the least with monitoring the underwater life.

Convenient time for snorkeling

So, are you planning to go snorkelling in Miami? Be aware of when the most spectacular views might await you.

The best time for snorkelling is summer, which lasts from September to November in Florida. During this time of the year, the water temperature is high enough that you can swim for a long time. In summer, the wind is usually light and the water is clear. Prices are generally low. If summer temperatures are fine with you, then this is the best time for you.Also, you should avoid the mini lobster season, which is July. The flowering season of jellyfish, which is late summer, should also be avoided. You won’t have as much fun these days. Temperatures start to rise in March. At this time, it is not too cold, not too hot. 

If you are searching for economical prices, then go snorkelling in the summer. Again, we recommend avoiding the rainy season as it can ruin your holiday with cloudy skies and heavy rainfall. In addition, due to rain, the transparency of the water will not be so high. You should also keep an eye on the weather forecast for hurricane warnings. Because it can ruin your vacation and you have to come back without diving or water sports. Finally, to avoid the crowds, it is best not to come here on weekends.

You’ll never run out of outdoor adventures to participate in this great state, from watersports like water skiing, diving to fishing or snorkelling. Further, there is really something for the whole family to do, no matter what everyone is interested in. 

Still, confused about where to get started? No worries! Check out some local clubs. Florida is really a spot that helps everyone – both residents and visitors – to get outside and experience the natural surroundings in any way possible.

Thus, these were the exotic places around Miami. Did you find the right one? If yeah! Then stop imagining and book a trip with So Flo Water Adventures. Enjoy Snorkeling in Miami!

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