7 essentials to carry with you on hill stations

essentials to carry with you on hill stations

As the world is slowly getting back at its feet after nearly a year and half, people are once again planning vacation to go on. The first two destinations that normally pop up in our mind while thinking about vacation are hills and beaches. And if we decide to go for hilly areas, the next task is packing a bag for trip. It is best to travel light as we don’t want to be burdened with carrying heavy luggage everywhere. But no matter how light we try to pack, there are always things, which we pack just in case scenario and bags keeps piling on. The key to pack light is to pack smart. We should always make a list of things that we are going to need. Here is list of 7 things that we should absolutely carry with us while going on hilly areas.

  1.  Woolen clothes

When we are packing for trips often our priority is to pack trendy cloths and look good. But we must not forget to pack woolen clothes while travelling to hilly reason. On a trip lasting for a week we should pack two or three warm over- jackets, sweater and pullovers. You should also invest in good quality of mufflers, gloves and caps. Socks are other must thing to take with you and you should pack at least 5-6 good pair of socks with you. If you are planning to visit hills stations in summer times, a down jacket and fleece will be sufficient. Although you cannot predict climate accurately, it is always good idea to carry a wind cheater in case it gets windy.

  1.  Shoes

Shoe packing is one of the aspects that is most often overlooked when you are going for vacation on hilly areas. There is a large probability of you doing a lot of foot activity such as climbing, walking and trekking. Carrying wrong sort of shoes can result in leaving you exasperated and tired very soon. You cannot enjoy your trip if your feet are sore and in pain. You should carry with you a good pair of shoes that are made for snow walking and hill climbing. You should also carry an extra pair of slip-proof shoes to wear inside and outside of your hotel premises. There is no need to pack heels or loafers for the trip.

  1. Medicines

Another must have essential to carry for the trip is medicines. If you are not used to travel long distance your body can get tired from trip alone. Plus it has to adjust a lot in totally different climatic condition. People also tend to get motion sickness while going up and down the hill on vehicle. You must also pack a first aid kit along with cold and motion sickness medicine with you.

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  1.  Camera

Life is passing by with every moment. Whether you are travelling with friends, family or alone, you should always carry a camera with you to capture the beauty of hills and moments to cherish for a lifetime. People often think having a Smartphone serve the same purpose as camera but clicking pictures with camera has its own charm to it. Invest in a good quality camera, you won’t regret it. 

  1. Power bank

When we travel we are always on road or rushing from one place to another. Sometimes we are in places where people don’t speak same language as us or we are confused about deciding the places where to eat, visit or things to buy, we look it up on our phones. In modern world especially when we rely on our phones for all the essential information, if we have to travel without our phones, we feel anxious. You should always carry power banks with you in order to have your phone working all the time.

  1. Cash

Although, now-a-days when everyone accept credit card, but there may be small shops and vendors that may not have this facility. Hilly areas are crowed most of the time and you might not want to spend a part of your holiday standing in long queues at ATMs. In order to make sure you are not going to waste any part of your precious holiday time, it is better to carry enough cash with you to last you throughout the trip. 

  1. Skin care

Hilly areas means higher altitude which means weather is usually cold and dry. Our skin goes through test during times likes this as it doesn’t experience weather like this. Hilly area may seem to many of us as there would be no sun, hence no need of sunscreen, but opposite of it happens as the sun rays falls on our skin more sharper than in the normal plain area. In order to keep your skin healthy and look good in your travel pictures all the times, you should always carry a good winter cream and sunscreen with you all the time. Don’t forget to take a lip balm to prevent you from getting chapped and parched lips. 

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