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Jaisalmer, a mysterious city in the state of Rajasthan, rises from the middle of the Thar Desert on India’s western most boundary. Jaisalmer is known as the “Golden City of India” because of the yellow sandstone and yellow sand used in the town’s construction, which give it a golden appearance. It is also known for its outstanding, opulent palaces and forts.

Jaisalmer, formerly a quiet desert city, has converted itself into one of India’s primary tourist destinations, as well as a significant adventure sports among the tourist attractions dispersed over Rajasthan’s desert area.

In Jaisalmer, looking for an exciting Jaisalmer holiday tour? You’ve arrived at the perfect place! Whether you’re a seasoned thrill seeker or a newcomer looking to get out of your comfort zone, Delightful India offers a budget tour of Jaisalmer that has plenty of options to get your heart racing!


If parasailing does not fulfill your desire for speed, try paramotoring! Paramotor pilots can swiftly take off from flat terrain and control their flight with the power of a little engine. You’ll not only fly like a free bird, but you’ll also acquire some incredible shots! There’s no excuse not to cross this one off of your list straight away because it’s simple, safe, and a lot of fun! Paramotoring is one of the adventurous activities available at the Golden Camp.

Hot Air Balloon

Flying through the skies in a brightly colored, huge hot air balloon has surely been at the top of our bucket list ever since we were children. Flying in a balloon filled with hot air is a fantasy for many people. The sight of spectacular surroundings from high in the air, floating in baskets being transported over the skies, like an extraterrestrial ship, has immense aesthetic appeal. Jaisalmer, with its yellow walls and proximity to the desert, A desert camp in Jaisalmer by Marvin desert camp  is one of the ideal sites to attempt this activity, especially at dusk or sunrise.

Zip line

If you appreciate activities whereby you get to see gorgeous sights whilst whizzing through with a top view, then Ziplining is the right adventure activity for you. It provides you an adrenaline rush, but it also gives you a really scenic aerial perspective of magnificent sites that you can’t stop looking at, even if it terrify you. When speeding across an incline, take in a panoramic view of the desert. For those younger thrill seekers, a kid’s version with a gentler gradient is also available. 

Camel Racing

You’ve probably heard of camel safari tours in Jaisalmer, but have you heard of camel racing? Camel racing is a sport in which camels are ridden at high speeds along a predetermined track. Riding horses and camels is a pastime that is strongly established in Rajasthani tradition, and Jaisalmer is no different. After all, this was the center of royal authority and an important stop along the Silk Road! Most camel safaris and excursions include camelback racing across sand dunes, usually accompanied by a trained rider.

Boating at Gadi Sagar lake

This lake is a visual treat for the eyes. This lake is critical for the residents that live in the barren region. Because boats are permitted here, visitors may enjoy a scenic tour around the fort. A variety of pavilions  and shrines around the lake, and a domed structure in the center adds significantly to the lake’s attractiveness.

How to tour in Jaisalmer?

By Auto 

If you have a tight budget  tour of Jaisalmer, then Auto Rickshaws are the most popular mode of transportation in Jaisalmer.  The city center is densely packed with vehicles. Although cars don’t normally charge too much, during high season, you may be taken advantage of by eager auto drivers, so don’t forget to bargain and check the distance before agreeing to a price.

Using Taxis

You can get around the city by hiring one of the many local taxis. Taxis are available at most tourist locations, or you may contact your travel agency or tour operator to reserve one for you if you wish to explore the city’s surrounding areas.

Using a Bicycle

Touring the city by bicycle is another fantastic option, and you can hire them by the hour here. Cycling allows you to slay two birds with one stone. Not only will you be able to ride to destinations and have a better understanding of the city’s terrain, but you will also be able to get some exercise while traveling.

By motorcycle

If you are experienced riding a two-wheeler, you may rent a motorbike or a bike to explore the city and surrounding areas.

On Foot

Because Jaisalmer is a tiny city, you can easily explore it on foot, strolling to most tourist attractions. But, remember that Jaisalmer is in Rajasthan, which is notorious for its heat waves, and you may become weary if you stroll around too long in the sun.


How many days are needed for sightseeing in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer is a small enough city that you don’t need to stay for several days to get the most out of it. If you’re on a limited budget, you can get a lot done in two days. If you have the time, I highly recommend staying for four days!

Which month is best for visiting Jaisalmer?

The ideal season for visiting Jaisalmer is between March and October, when the temperature ranges from 10°C to 27°C. Winter is the finest season to visit Jaisalmer as a desert location since the sun is excellent for all of the attractions that the city is known for.

Why is Jaisalmer known as the “Yellow City”?

Jaisalmer is known as the “Golden City” because the brilliant golden sand casts a golden shadow over the city and its surrounding surroundings. The town is similarly built on a bend of yellowish sandstone, surmounted with a fort that depicts the town as “Yellow” or “Golden.” It is a city in India’s Rajasthan state.

Is Jaisalmer worth a solo trip?

Jaisalmer has captivated visitors from all over the world because of its peculiar golden beauty and the old-world atmosphere that pervades the city. It would not be difficult for you to explore with Delightful India. It offers the best Jaisalmer tour packages. If you want to travel alone for two days, Jaisalmer is the best spot to start.

What was Jaisalmer’s original name?

It is a world heritage site known as the Golden Fort or “Sonar Kila.” Rawal Jaisal built it in 1156 AD on Trikuta Hill among a rolling hills sea of sand.

Taking everything to Account

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