things to do in sydney

A view of a bustling harbour with an arch steel bridge over it. The magnificent building is a little away with a sail-designed roof. Lots of ferries and boats moving about. You guess it right. It is none other than Sydney. A thriving tourist destination located in the island continent of Australia Sydney, the main city in the region of New South Wales is a coveted holiday place. Nearly 1.8 million international tourists visited this place in early 2022. 

Australia is a multi-ethnic country with a cosmopolitan culture. Sydney is the most heavily populated city on this island continent. It is in the southeastern direction of the island and overlooks the deep Pacific Ocean. It is a metropolis with several attractions and places to visit for tourists. If you are coming to this happening place for the first time, here is your peek into some of the interesting places you must cover in your vacation. 

A View From Above

An ariel view is what one will enjoy at places full of iconic structures and marvellous skylines. This is what awaits you with Sydney Tower Eye Tickets. The Sydney Tower as it is referred to is the tallest structure in this city and the second in the southern hemisphere. It is open to visitors to enjoy the overall view of the Central Business district in the metropolis. The Golden Turret is 309 meters to the tip and offers the best views. 

The Sydney Tower Eye Tickets lets you into the open-air skywalk observation deck at 268 meters above the ground.  Spot the landmarks Opera house and the Harbour Bridge of this bustling city at the enclosed observation deck 250 meters above.  The views of the sunsets are breathtaking from such a high vantage point. Indulge in a fine dining experience at the restaurant high above. Watch 4D cinema and learn about Sydney’s past from this high tower with complimentary Sydney Tower Eye Tickets. 

Explore the Harbour Bridge Differently

Every visitor to Sydney is mesmerized by the views of the harbour bridge. Explore it differently with an exciting tour of this magnificent steel structure with a climb on it. The tour is guided one lasting three hours. Climb from the South to the North of the bridge and back. Enjoy the panoramic views of the harbour to spot landmarks from 134 meters above the waters. Take this tour at day and dusk to soak in some magnificent sunset hues. Or avail of the night tour and bedazzled at the illuminated Sydney skyline. The thrill and excitement are what you take back as memories. 

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Sydney From The Glistening Waters

There is nothing more exciting to view a grand skyline from afar. Take the Harbour cruise that originates from Darling Harbour. The open-air deck gives out an exciting view of all the significant landmarks on the way as you pass them. The guide helps to spot all of them as you cross them one by one. You may enjoy your cruise with lunch or dining as you see the most iconic spots. Cruises are available for special occasions for private exclusive tours as well. 

Beach Adventures in Sydney

Sydney is synonymous with many well-known beaches. There is Bondi, Manly, Balmoral, Bronte and many more. The blue waters, the softness of the sand, and the beauty of the skyscraping structures in the skyline as a backdrop are too good to be true. For the more adventurous souls, there are a lot of water sports to play around in the blue clear waters. Feel the thrill with lots of water sporting activities. Choose from Kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding or just a quick swim. 

One beach activity that stands apart is skydiving Wollongong. Get some adrenalin rush with this guided activity on the south side beach in Sydney. The group activity called Tandem diving is worth every penny. Enjoy the free fall for 60 seconds from 14000 feet above at 193 km/h. Then float for 5 to 7 minutes as the parachute opens up. Safely descend to the Earth. But not before seeing the vast blue Pacific Ocean water surging beneath. You can spot the dolphins playing around and the whales moving about or a glimpse of the colourful marine life in the ocean from your skydiving Wollongong float. A never-before experience awaits with skydiving Wollongong. 

Hobnobbing with Wildlife

The wildlife ventures in Sydney are nothing less exciting. Australia known for its unique fauna is very close at hand for you. On your trip, take time out to visit the Taronga Zoo.  There are about 2000 animals of 150 different species. Watch the native and rare animals here with guided tours. See the Koala, Platypus, eastern short-neck turtle, wallaby or a variety of birds. 

The Taronga zoo has several tours to choose from. Keeper-led wildlife experience, VIP Aussie Gold tours for native animals, Nura Diya Aboriginal Discovery tour for viewing the native animals, plants and overall landscape. This tour also has an exciting night camp at the zoo. It is titled Roar and Snore tour. 

The Sydney Aquarium is another place to explore some colourful marine life. There are 700 species of underwater creatures and 13000 individual fish varieties. Feel the excitement as you walk through the 100-meter glass tunnels along with sharks, stingrays, dugongs and much more. 

Delve Into the Life of  A Navy Seal

The Darling Harbour in Sydney has many things to explore. One of them is to visit the Australian National Maritime Museum. You can climb onto tall ships, and peek into submarines, World War II-era ships and boats here. The restored vessels give away a glimpse of the yesteryears and give that real-life feel aboard them. There are more immersive journeys at the museum with hi-tech shows that dive into the precarious life at sea for the navy. 

Sydney offers diverse ways to make your holiday filled with excitement and thrill. Pick and choose the activities to make the best memories on this exciting vacation.