Interesting Facts to Know and Explore in Legoland Water Park Dubai

lego water park dubai

Legoland Water Park is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts; Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park in the Middle East’s the ultimate year-round theme park destination for families with children aged 2-12. Legoland Dubai and Lego Water Park Dubai are hands-on experiences that allow families to engage in a full day of LEGO-themed adventures with interactive rides, water slides, models, and building experiences.

Highlights of Legoland Water Park Dubai

There are over 20 water slides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy in Lego Water Park DubaiLet’s see what they are in the given below points.

  • Zoom down in this hollow body slide, right into the water below.
  • Enjoy endless twists and turns on the double tube spin slide by yourself or with friends.
  • Race against each other on the double body slides that shoot you into the wading area below will get to the bottom first.
  • Descend this open slide from a height of 60 feet and splash into the water below.
  • The whole family can ride on a family-sized raft along an 11-foot diameter half-pipe along a 312-foot curved track.
  • Catch gentle waves or relax in this good-sized wave pool, which is big enough for the whole family to enjoy.
  • This exhilarating ride consists of six pad slides where you can race with friends, but warn, and it’s wet and wild.
  • Are you ready for the clown? This fun and interactive water playground with slides have something for every family member.
  • For a fabulous splash time, Toddlers will love this water play area with four toddler-sized slides and larger-than-life LEGO DUPLO characters.
  • Design and build your own unique LEGO boat and float around a lazy river.
  • It is where creativity flows. The whole family can build and test their boat with LEGO bricks. 

Fundamental Things to Know:

You will have excellent customer support inside the Lego Water Park Dubai. Both UAE residents and non-residents are, and the Legoland water park time is 10 am to 6 pm. 

For health and safety reasons, these clothes and items are allowed in the water: Beach Shorts, Aliexpress, One- and two-piece swimsuits, Burkini, and Rash Guard.

Items that are prohibited from wearing in the water include, but are not limited to, robes, sarees, long shirts, trousers, jeans, underwear, cotton shorts, anything sheer or see-through. 

Things That Are Permitted and Non-Permitted:

No footwear, sneakers, Crocs, or sandals had permitted on the slides or water attractions. Regular diapers had not allowed on any rides or attractions. 

All toddlers must wear suitable swim diapers, and Non-slip pool socks are allowed for pool environments. You can get these products available at the Water Park retail store. Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal accents has not permitted on any rides or attractions. Clothing must reveal body parts elegantly, not be transparent, and display obscene or objectionable images or slogans.

Bottom Line

Dash into Dubai’s newest water park, play everything built with LEGO bricks, and enjoys over 20 thrilling water rides and fantasy experiences. Making a splash at the brand-new family water park is a joy to be found here. Build a raft out of large floating bricks, compete with friends on twin waterslides, or launch an attack in giant water cannon.

Here there is something for everyone, no matter what your age. There are wet and exciting projects here, and the infinite creativity of LEGO is reflected everywhere. It is a paradise for all LEGO lovers; when you visit Dubai, don’t forget to visit Legoland water park for sure. For a convenient visit, you can utilize the assistance of Going2Dubai professionals. Legoland water park is part of the middle east’s ultimate theme park. Visit LEGO and Enjoy your vacation.