How To Explore New York City Like A Local: 7 Insider Tips

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At the point when you visit any famous place for the first time, you want to see all the enormous tourist spots first. In New York City, some of those include the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. In any case, it’s always enjoyable to experience a new place like you’re a local. While visiting New York City, look at those destinations that the locals mostly love. Living and exploring like a local is the best adventure tour you can gift yourself.

Living like a Local in NYC

These days, traveling like a tourist is out, and it is in to live like a local. Everyone wants to avoid the crowds that are present in notable places in New York. Yet, indeed, we all want to see those same spots for a reason. Because most of them are impeccable, traveling like a tourist and living like a local can give a perspective of New York differently. So, this time, explore New York like a New Yorker. Get more tips on how to explore NYC like a local.

1. Visit Old New York (Cobble Hill Park)

While visiting Cobble Hill Park, you will feel like you have entered nineteenth-century New York. This small space has become a shelter for inhabitants of the nearby neighborhoods of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. The park has brownstones and column houses that will take you to an earlier era in New York history. Many locals stop by Poppy’s take-out window for a peach scone and relax and eat on one of the shaded seats in the area.

2. Explore the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ship instead of going into the crowded area near the Statue.

(A view of the Statue of Liberty from Staten Island Ship/Ferry)

 Suppose you want a close landscape view of the Statue of Liberty without buying tickets. Jump on the Staten Island Ship free of charge. While entering, take a seat on the right side for a fantastic view of the landscape.

3. Instead of Travelling in Luxury Transports, Go for Subways in NYC

Many tourists think that traveling by subway can misguide them with the location. There’s no real reason for not understanding how the subway functions in New York City anymore. Now that Google Maps has mapped out every corner under the sun, there’s Wi-Fi service underground. So enjoy your walk and explore the city in your way. Click here for more exciting tips to enjoy New York like a local. 

4. Times Square is too Crowded for tourists; instead, attend a Broadway Show in NYC

For locals visiting a Broadway show is a memorable experience that New York locals mostly visit. Times Square is a drag. Most Broadway shows perform six days per week, with eight performances all out each week. Commonly, Broadway shows have performances Tuesday through Sunday, without any performances on Monday. There usually are signing shows in the evening, including dancing events and many other adventures performed by locals of New York.

4. Eat local and street foods instead of visiting overpriced Chain Restaurants.

Visit touristy restaurants and search out local eateries, food trucks, and road merchants. Try iconic New York-style pizza, bagels, stores, and food from the city’s ethnic areas. Some of the famous places for exploring street food in NYC are;

  •  Divine Flavored Food Truck
  •  Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck
  •  Breakfast cart Bagels
  •  NY Dosas
  •  Banh Mi Cart

5. Engage with the locals of NYC

Go for conversations with locals to get tips and recommendations about places to explore more inside NYC. New Yorkers are often pleased with their city and happy to share their favorite spots and insider information. Learn about the city’s hidden gems through the eyes of its people.

6. Find parks and open-air spaces.

Focus intently on New York City’s delightful parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, and the High Line. Join local people for picnics, running, or comfortable strolls. During this two or 3-hour walking visit in Central Park, you will learn about the fascinating history of the park and its turn of events. You’ll stop at famous areas, including the Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Palace, Central Park Mall, and Bethesda Fountain. And this walk will feature your general outing to New York in an unexpected way.

Final Thoughts

While visiting a new spot or New York, seeing the well-known destinations for yourself is engaging. In any case, generally, memories are made at the places you genuinely love and partake in your time. These places are the genuine places that can make your New York tour more novel and energizing. In this way, understand New York according to with a better point of view. The following time you visit New York City, look at these destinations for food and entertainment. And you will genuinely feel like a neighborhood in New York.