Exploring Goa – Tips For Local Transportation

bike rental in goa

Goa has something for  pocket and taste, making it most favorite tourist destination. Getting around in Goa is quite safe, round-the-clock, with ample transport options.


Getting around Goa in a bus is fairly convenient, cheap, and easy. You can find colorful painted private bus services or blue KTC buses for almost all the major locations of Goa. Many tour operators/Hotels have day sight-seeing tours across the city with luxurious buses on board.

Car Rentals/Taxi

You can hire a point-to-point taxi. The black and yellow, popularly known as the ‘kaali-peeli’ taxi, and the six seater Maruti van are quite popular and easily available at taxi stands at all tourist spots.

Though a bit expensive, you can also rent a car, either self- or chauffeur-driven, on a daily basis or for the entire duration of your stay. You can enquire at your hotel reception or at the local travel operators’ offices.

If you wish to visit nearby destinations, then do look out for a taxi which has an interstate license.

Motorbike taxi

You know you are in Goa when a motorcycle with a yellow number plate and yellow mudguards catches your attention. These are the unique, fast, economical, and highly popular ‘Pilot taxis’ of Goa. There is a driver who is known as the ‘pilot’ who carries you behind him. Do bargain, if you are good at it.

Rented bikes/scooters/bicycles

If you want to explore the city and have its local flavor just right, then you must hire a bike/scooter/moped/bicycle, and get yourself going.and  Book bike rental in goa .

These are easily available all around, but you need to deposit some money or your passport as security. The rates start from as low as INR 200 a day and you might get your dream bike, if you are ready to shell some extra bucks from your pocket. Scooty, Kinetic Honda, Yamaha, Enfield are the most popular choices.

Don’t miss an early morning bicycle ride on the beach. Get the early morning breeze on your face, and feel fresh and energized.


Like most other cities of India, the safe, convenient, and economical three-wheeler autorickshaw is also easily available across all towns. They have a separate stand at all tourist spots and have a meter system to charge per kilometer (which isn’t followed usually), so it’s always advisable to fix the fare before getting into it.


Call it necessity, or enjoy it as a fun activity, but some places in Goa, like Divar Island, Querium, and Assolna, are still dependent on ferry as the only mode of transport. While most of the rivers have a bridge, the ferry ride has its own charm, and is worth trying once.

With absolutely no dearth of local transportation, you can experience Goa round-the-clock at your own will and pace.

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