5 Best Family Resorts in the World


The holidays we remember are the ones where the whole family was happy. In today’s blog post, we’re looking at the nine best family resorts around the world. There’s something for everyone in this mix; whether you like to unwind at the beach, or strap on some hiking boots for a good time. Children of all ages, teens, and – yes – even parents are sure to find something they like.

Let’s check them out.


Eurocamp is one of the most expansive resort brands in all of Europe. With a total of 153 parcs across 9 European countries, they have the perfect setting for everyone. Eurocamp combines a camping holiday with a resort holiday, offering holiday homes that combine indoor/outdoor spaces effortlessly as well as a range of tents for camp enthusiasts.

Each site has its own unique perks, including private beaches, a selection of pools, and even petting zoos. Eurocamp offers a range of activities for children of all ages including horse riding, football camps, and water sports. Some sites also offer transportation to popular tourist areas like Venice and Swiss mountains.

The Dude Ranch

Every American adventurer, a Dude Ranch Association member ranch is the dream holiday. With more than 90 ranch locations across the US and Canada, Dude Ranch vacations are perfect for families who thrive in the outdoors. Each ranch has unique scenery featuring lakes, rivers, mountains, and open desert plains. No matter the season, there are Dude Ranch locations available for you to vacation any time.

Families will love the activities available at a DRA ranch, including horse riding sessions adjusted to the age and experience levels of the riders, hikes, bird watching, and fishing. There are also intense activities like rock climbing, zip lining, river rafting for the daring members of the family.

Bahia Principe Fantasia Tenerife

This phenomenal Spanish resort has a fantastical theme running through it; it looks like a fairytale brought to life. Children and adults alike can expect to be captivated by the idyllic magic of this resort. It boasts five heated swimming pools and an additional infinity swimming pool for 18+ only.  There are plenty of kid’s activities to keep the little ones busy while parents slip away for some infinity pool time as well.

The Kid’s Club provides entertainment in the form of fancy dress workshops, cooking; two of the outdoor pools are for children, and there’s even a water park and splash pool for them. If you have older kids, they can also find entertainment in the Teens Club, exclusively for teenagers.

Giraffe Manor

An incredibly memorable Nairobi holiday awaits at Giraffe Manor. You’ve probably seen pictures online of delighted guests enjoying breakfast in the 1932 manor house’s kitchen with giraffes leaning in through the windows to sample some grub! Yes, this resort allows guests to interact directly with wild Rothschild giraffes – a once in a lifetime experience.

Beyond the manor itself, the resort offers experiences ranging from safaris, to fossil hunting, to helicopter tours of the local area. This is a costly trip, but one that will see you and your family experiencing the best adventures. Explore the geological wonders that Kenya has to offer with your loved ones.

Beaches, Turks & Caicos

This multi-award winning resort boasts the title of #1 World’s Best Beach from TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards. Featuring a 45,000 square foot waterpark, a 12 mile beach, and a total of five resort villages, there’s something for everyone at Beaches’ Turks & Caicos location. Guests can expect gourmet dining with 21 restaurants to choose between and 15 bars – including some swim-up bars!

For the kids, Beaches Turks & Caicos provides a Kids Camp staffed by certified nannies, the Pirate Island Waterpark, and a Caribbean Adventures experience with Sesame Street®. The resort also proudly boasts the Caribbean’s first Certified Autism Centres, making it a great inclusive feature. Choosing your next holiday spot can be challenging; there are so many factors to consider! Striking the balance so that everyone has fun and (hopefully) gets a chance to relax is basically a professional sport. These resorts offer fantastic experiences for each generation in the family – which one caught your eye for your next family getaway?

Author bio: Bethany Massey is a freelance copywriter working with The Author’s Pad to help copywriters at every stage in their careers. She has been fortunate enough to travel with her family to fantastic locations throughout Europe. As an animal lover, Bethany would love to visit a Dude Ranch or the Giraffe Manor to get closer to nature.