Know the Tech and Features of Creating an Uber Clone App

taxi booking app like uber

The on demand taxi booking industry has changed phenomenally over the last decade. With the introduction of the Uber model of booking taxis, today, the market seems to have found a comfortable alternative like uber clone to hiring the regular street cabs that they need to run around the street to look for. 

In fact, truth be told, the world Uber has become synonymous with a taxi. People have even started using the word as a verb when they mean that they hired a taxi and used that for transportation from one place to another. 

This remarkable change has forced many an entrepreneurs to pick their own Uber clone app and build their own on demand online e taxi business around it. In today’s blog post we will discuss some of the top features that help in ensuring that the Uber clone app becomes the best on demand solution for taxi booking in the market and can help in growing your business effectively.

But before we do that, let us try to quickly understand what the word ‘clone’ means in reference to the Uber app. 

Why Do We Call It an Uber ‘Clone’ App?

Typically, the word clone would mean an exact replica or a model of one item. However, when it comes to on demand apps or mobile apps in general, cloning is the process of using a primary app as one of the basic formats and then building a whole new app by writing new and improved code strings. 

This means that cloning is the process of making sure that the flow of the app remains the same as the original app. But, while at it, the development team of the app also have to make sure that they write new code strings to build a whole new app that has more number of features and is relevant to the market that it is expected to be launched it. 

Now that we have covered what the Ube clone app is, let us get down to some of the top features that you must make sure are included in your Uber Clone app.

The Uber Clone App Has to Be Covid Proof

While the Corona virus may seem to be retreating as things get back to normalcy, there are many changes that you as a social business might have to incorporate on a regular basis. If you have been on top of the news, then you are probably aware about the fact that the pandemic seems to be going out at a much slower rate than anticipated. In fact, various countries have started referring to a growing flare as we speak.

This is why; when you purchase your own Uber clone app, you have to make sure that your app has some of the top Corona Virus CoVid 19 proof features.

Covid 19 Features

These features can include things such as:

  1. Face Mask Verification for the driver and the rider
  2. Ride cancellation in case the driver or the rider is without mask
  3. Social distancing taxi seat booking. This would mean that in a car with a capacity of 4 passengers, the driver should be able to offer only 2 seats. This will allow users to be at a distance from each other thereby limiting their contact with each other. 
  4. Safety Checklist before ride should be made available in the form of a pop up or something else so that the rider and the driver don’t forget anything that is important. 
  5. Online payment to avoid exchange of cash. Cash is notorious for moving from one place to another all too soon. This is why; make sure that you avoid cash based transactions. Offering the choice of online payments makes it very safe for both the rider as well as the driver. 

There are other features as well that can help with Corona Virus CoVid 19 pandemic safety. Make sure that you research the market a little before you purchase the app so that you are completely aware of exactly what is the demographic patterns of the service consumers (riders) in the region where you plan to launch the app. 

Choice of Vehicle Type

All that a user wants is to be able to choose the type of vehicle they will travel in and then ride in peace! The best way to make sure that you can offer this to your clients is to make sure that you purchase the perfect Uber clone app with the right set of features that allows your riders to pick a vehicle of their choice from the app. 

Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Let us say that an individual wishes to travel from one point to another. They should be able to open your Uber clone app and find a driver. However, not everyone wishes to make a booking for the same number of people. Some times, people may want to hire a bike so that they can go around the city in a fast way, while on others, a family of four might wish to take a leisurely ride through their city. 

The app should allow the users to pick the type of vehicle that they wish to hire based on their budgets and the number of people traveling. 


The Uber clone app is today, the best on demnd transportation app in the market. It offers the most secure and safe way for users to travel across wherever they wish to easily and swiftly. The transparency of pricing at the beginning of the ride eliminates any point of contention. Make sure that you get your perfect Uber Clone app from a reliable on demand mobile app development company that has at least 8 to 10 year of experience in this field. When you select the company, make sure that their Uber Clone apps has industry relevant features. All the best!