Five Best Travel Destinations To Celebrate New Year Party 2022

celebrating New Year event

Want to start fresh with your New Year 2022 celebrations by going to an amazing travel destination for a night to remember? From midnight parties to more adventure seekers, there’s always a best place for celebration New Year vacations for any traveler.

Its time to enjoy your pending dream vacation, explore those wonderful cities you had aspired to view in your life, or enjoy your favorite meal in its native country. Visit dubai as a Best Travel Destination.

Either if you’re looking for place to enjoy New Year festivities or wish to explore various natural wonders or natural beauty of the country side, there are various options to start your year fresh. Five best places for welcoming and enjoying New Year 2022 are as follows.  

New York City

Seeking a great time to spend celebrating New Year event, New York City will always come to mind due to great music, quality atmosphere and lavish New Year party. Millions of people from around the globe gather to witness the grand event of famous New Year ball drop.

Beside from the New Year party, you can also hang out and party among the various bars and downtown clubs available throughout the city. Experience luxurious food cuisines by visiting various cafes present throughout the city.


London’s is a brilliant choice to enjoy New Year’s Eve by attending the famous midnight countdown of Big Ben. London city celebrates New Year by hosting a brilliant light show and grand fireworks event launching from London Eye which can be seen from all hotel balconies and rooftops.   

You can really want to enjoy breathtaking experience, you can get the best view from north embankment of River Thames or Westminster Bridge. You can also enjoy great pubs, fantastic restaurants, museums, concerts, art shows, Queen’s horse’s parade and the marching parade as well.


Its always a great moment to experience the grand fireworks countdown to New Year in the city of Sydney as Australia is among the first to experience the festivities of New Year ahead of the whole world.

You can enjoy great celebrations activities as the country display’s some of the largest and best fireworks among the world lasting for at least fifteen minutes. New Year’s firework display and celebrations can best be viewed from the harbor boats. You can also enjoy various activities like light shows, boat parade ride, aerial shows and special events hosted at Taronga Zoo as well.


The city of Singapore is a great choice for enjoying your New Year with style. The city is know for its unique architecture, various seaside attractions and nature. Foodies will love the place as it offers abundance and variety of authentic cuisines. Enjoy your majestic view of Singapore city from its most popular Ferris wheel the flyer offering amazing sights of the sky.

Be sure to spend time for exploring the various nature sites during your visit and make sure to visit the famous botanical gardens which was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can also visit the orchid garden as it offers best orchids collection around the entire world.


The country of Thailand offers the perfect escape for enjoying your New Year party. Bangkok city offers fantastic culinary and cultural experiences and offers vibrant life style as it become great choice to party and welcome New Year night.  

You must visit the fantastic locations like Wat Phra Kaew, Dawn Temple, Wat Arun offering breathtaking architecture. Explore the palaces, historical museums, various Thai markets during your cruise of Chao Phraya River.

You must no forget to visit Bangkok’s floating market offering a fantastic experience as you see various boasts selling home goods, local produce and various handy crafts navigating through the waves.  

Enjoying the festivities of New Year is a special moment that needs to be fully appreciated and embraced so make every moment count.

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