travelling benefits writers

Whether you are a fiction novelist or a lifestyle blogger who concentrates on real issues, travelling can advance your writing skills from beginner to expert level. Most good writers have a vast and vivid imagination, yet it is quite commonplace to experience the much dreaded writer’s block on a regular basis. If you have recently run out of promising ideas or you are unable to focus on writing due to some personal dilemma, travelling is the perfect antidote. Retreating to an unfamiliar place can be eye-opening and nourishing in many ways. 

It is recommended to go on a solo trip, as it will allow you to distance yourself from the everyday drama and indulge in some soul searching. During this trip, you should forget about everything that worries you back home and try to be mindful. 

The Change of Scenery is Inspiring

Getting away from a monotonous routine and stagnant environment is refreshing. When the air you breathe in feels different, the sights are nothing you have seen before, the people around don’t know you, and the coffee tastes like ‘unexpected’, you shall instantly feel alive. Change is important, as is motivates personal growth and grants a newfound freedom, which feels amazing. The unique culture, fascinating customs, strange cuisine, and unchartered territory are fuel for remarkable ideas. 

Hands-on Research 

If you always wanted to write about a particular place or include it is your story, you cannot do better than travelling to that exact location. There is no denying that the World Wide Web can provide any information and details you need, though it does not compare to an in-person experience. Whatever material you come across and read is the perspective of another writer; not to mention, a lot of online literature is exaggerated or misleading as well. If you truly want to know a place, visit it by yourself rather than relying on someone else’s judgment or point of view. 

Pain and Isolation is Valuable

The best kind of writing flows out from the fingertips when you are at the height of vulnerability. Sadness, grief, frustration and anger look great on paper when you don’t hold back any emotion. Time away from home, i.e. your comfort zone, can be painful and isolating in a good way. You may finally get the chance to deal with the storms, personal injuries, and uncertainties bottled up inside you. You get a clear-cut picture of what is important to you and who you are. You may begin to appreciate things you took for granted before, and escape the meaningless misery that engulfs you. 

Less Interference

Travelling to a faraway place on your own will provide you a break from the various disturbances in your life right now. You can effectively avoid the interference of certain people and responsibilities that burden you incessantly. You get the time and space to relax and listen to your thoughts. You can fully focus on your next literary masterpiece, as all your qualms have been left behind. Staying off social media and minimizing digital communication in the meantime shall further support your case. 

Variation and Originality

If you want to evolve as a writer, and make your narrative sound genuine and relatable, travelling is the solution. The exposure and real-time interaction with new places allows you to make every story your own. You gain the ability to experiment with different writing styles and think out of the box. The diversity in writing helps attract a larger audience and exponentially expand your follower count. You will effectively eliminate tedium from your work, which is caused by limited exposure. 

Author Bio

John Adams loves to travel and experience the different cultures of the world. He regularly blogs about his personal experiences and encourages readers to go on adventures. He has contributed on various online platforms focusing on tourism and lifestyle. When he is not travelling, his writing is dedicated physiological traumas and personal healing.