Floating-Massage Spa – Two Hot Destination Ideas to Visit


“ZunZune Sailing Adventure” is the only floating massage spa and health & wellness retreat on the entire Caribbean Founded by St Thomas, Virgin Islands -based values who have been in business for more than 41 years and in both the natural health and massage spa industries one way or another. ZunZun is their newest model Flagship Catamaran boat of a large fleet chartering for more than 25 years. Features All-inclusive, easy-to-use, specialty pools, islands hopping, health & wellness retreats while enjoying the best snorkeling and underwater exploration of the Caribbean and Virgin Islands.” (St Thomas.)

In this article we are going to take a look at the island of St Thomas, Virgin Islands. It is located in Caribbean Sea. This is also known as Saint Thomas. The island is very popular with both tourists and vacationers. There are many things to do on this island. This article will provide some of them.

When you travel to this island there are so many things you must see and do. One of the places that you must visit is the Zunzun Beach. Zunzun beach is located next to the chapel of St. Thomas Cathedral. Here you will be able to enjoy swimming, sun bathing and other things. This is just a very small part of Zunzun Beach and what’s great about it is that you can have a romantic picnic there or even enjoy a romantic sunset there too.

You can also visit St. Ann’s Waterfalls and Aquapark. The water falls are made of limestone and the aqua park is very much natural. You will be able to see alligators and crocodiles as you walk along the water falls. You will also hear a lot of nature sounds.

You can also visit the rainforest. This is one of the most amazing places in this place. The place is surrounded by mountains and you will see thousands of bird species as well as small antelopes and monkeys. It also has a very strong magnetic attraction for those who are into magnets. The magnetic field creates a very soothing energy. You can visit this place anytime during the year and you will find it very relaxing.

St. Thomas is also one of the main islands, where you can visit. This is where you can find the Caribbean’s only butterfly sanctuary. Here, you can get to see different types of butterflies such as the Monarch butterfly. Here, you can also enjoy the waterfalls that make this island very unique.

There are also resorts in Barbados where you can get to experience the healing effects of the Caribbean sea. Here, you will be able to experience the best massage that you can ever have in your life. This is because this place has only the best and the most talented massage therapists. They know how to calm your mind and body and this is what you need in order to relax and unwind.

These are some of the destinations where you can go for your vacation and enjoy the services of the floating massage spa. These are the perfect spots where you can feel completely relaxed and at peace after taking your vacation. These spas give you total relaxation and health while you are enjoying your vacation.

If you are visiting Florida then you must visit the Florida Keys. This is where you can explore the rich culture and the natural resources that can truly make you enjoy your stay. This is also the perfect place where you can enjoy the great seafood that you can get here. It has some of the best fresh fish that you can enjoy.

The next destination that you should visit is the Cayman Islands. This island is located in the Caribbean Sea. It offers a lot of things to do and a wonderful view of the ocean. You can enjoy sailing, scuba diving, boating, and more. This is also the perfect place for couples, since it offers many activities that they can enjoy together. There are lots of resorts that you can choose from on this island and it is up to you to discover which one will work best for you.

The next time that you plan to take a vacation in the United States, then make sure that you include one of these two places. You will surely have a wonderful time because both of these islands are very popular and they offer many things for tourists to enjoy. These two destinations are also ideal for massage spa treatments, so you should definitely consider getting your floating massage spa treatment in Florida or in the Cayman Islands.

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