Follow This Guide to Book an Oceanfront Villa for the Next Trip

oceanfront villa

Have you made up your mind to go on a vacation? Is it going to be beach again? Are you looking forward to the upcoming weekend? Finally, booking an oceanfront villa to enjoy that long break you always wanted? A lot of questions to answer? Let’s shorten it.

Planning a trip is a daunting, overwhelming, and time-consuming task at times. These days, more than exploring a perfect vacation destination, looking for a relaxed space has become the complicated part. Whether you’re choosing to go on a solo trip or with a group, you deserve comfortable accommodation without any stress of planning the essentials.

If the idea of an unforgettable trip includes homely vibes with a lavish touch of attraction, a luxury vacation villa will surely fulfill your holiday requirements. When you choose a hot tub with oceanfront views, a lounging luxury pad with a private pool, or a quaint countryside farm stay – holiday villas provide you with an exclusive experience.

The main benefit of choosing vacation villas is the privacy, along with the numerous experiences it offers. Follow this guide on how to book your holiday home for your upcoming trip –

With whom you are traveling 

First things first, decide with whom you’re traveling for your next vacation. Is this a couple’s tour, family outing, or a trip with your best friends? Are you traveling with senior citizens or kids? Knowing the company helps narrow down the villa options for convenience and comfort.

Understand your mood

What are you want during your vacation, and what is your mood? Partying, relaxing indoors, digital detox, or exploring – figure out how you plan to enjoy your holiday. Then, on the basis of how you want to spend your time, narrowing down villa options and the destinations becomes much easier.

Location and surroundings

A thrilling holiday destination, hidden gems to discover, the scope for the venture, and a stunning view are just as vital to a perfect vacation as everything else. Although the surroundings definitely make or break your travel mood, make sure to select a vacation destination that provides exactly what you’re looking for.

Amenities and facilities 

Do you have specific requests during your stay in St. Thomas Island resorts? For example, an equipped kitchen, private lawn, pool, hammock, indoor games, and/or fireplace – narrow down your preferences and what you want to do on your outing; it is easier to choose a perfect vacation villa.


Do you have the required amount you want to spend on this vacation? Understanding your expenses beforehand makes it easier to look for an oceanfront villa within that range. Remember, many a time, you may just be pleasantly amazed by the services you get within your budget. So, keep the options open.

An ideal holiday destination is a mixture of a great setting, comfortably luxurious accommodations, exciting things to discover around and above all, abundant scope to relax and distress. So, if you’re planning an escape anytime soon, find a perfect holiday villa to get the most of your vacation.

Benefits of booking a vacation villa

The best way to have fun on your beach vacation is by renting a private villa. With access to a kitchen and huge space, you’ll love staying like a king or queen for your upcoming vacation. There are many reasons why groups and families come to a Beach — often to the same villa — year after year. 

There are numerous fabulous advantages of renting you a luxury vacation villa for your upcoming beach vacation, including:

Home Away from Home

The beachy setting, comfortable furnishings, and deck chairs with a captivating view are some of the extra special touches that make the vacation rental feel like a home away from home. From the time you step into the room to your beach escape and stroll through the home, selecting the right bedrooms for the family member so that you feel relaxed and right at home.

Access to a kitchen

To ensure you feel at home throughout your vacation, the oceanfront villa offers well-stocked with suitable cooking equipment and supplies.

You can easily visit the nearest store located just across the beach for several great seafood markets for a delicious appetizer and main course when it comes to groceries. Of course, fishing at the dock, in the sea, or on a boat are great options too for catching your own dinner!

It’s surely fun to check great restaurants in your area, but enjoying the facility of a well-equipped kitchen for preparing your meal is a great way to save money and extend fun days on the beach.

Space and privacy

Not only your vacation villa offers you more space than what you get in a general hotel room, but it also comes with privacy. During your stay, the privacy of your own living space, where multiple bedrooms and restrooms allow more private space for everyone that cannot be found in any hotel.

If you choose a villa with an outdoor pool or hot tub, you will enjoy having those facilities all by yourself. It’s good to have an extra room to spread out and unpack your suitcases into the dresser and closets and drawers, put your eateries in the refrigerator and cabinets, and get comfortable.

Proximity to the beach

While there’s nothing wrong with staying in a hotel, there aren’t actually many hotels that offer facilities like a private villa. It’s just like waking up to the sound ocean waves, the perfect view of the sunrise out your villa’s window, and being a trail stroll away from submerging your toes in the surf and sand.

Also, since these private villas are committed to remaining uncommercialized, the oceanfront villas leave you with more space on the beach to relax. There’s no fighting for your space in the sand!

Better value

When you look into the total cost of your stay in a luxury vacation villa and divide it by the number of people in your group and the number of days you are staying, you will be amazed to notice that, in many cases, it’s truly less expensive than staying in a hotel with a comparable location and view and location. So, in a vacation villa, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above, AND it’s better in value. Also, don’t miss to check out our Impulsive Offers for more savings on select facilities!

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