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One of the most populated cities in America is Lima, which indigenous peoples founded as a part of the Inca Empire. Lima is a beautiful place to explore after Spirit Airlines booking because it is full of history and culture. Lima is situated in a region that is partly tropical and partly desert along Peru’s central Pacific coast. On top of the coastal plain, the city was developed. It has long been a thriving metropolis and is still one of South America’s most significant cities.

Explore on Wheels

Bicycling is undoubtedly the best way to see Lima. The city’s massive network of neighborhoods and districts can be observed on a map. It connects Lima’s various cultural areas. The fact that several of the communities have miles of bike-only lanes is preferable. These lanes offer self-guided tours of the city’s many neighborhoods. This makes it ideal for independent exploration after booking Spirit airlines ticket. Check out the bike routes along Malecon Reserva and Malecon Cisneros in Miraflores. For additional fantastic biking, visit the nearby San Isidro or San Borja.

The top of West of the Chorrillos neighbourhood

The best activities in Lima include climbing to the top of West of the Chorrillos neighbourhood, along the Pacific Ocean-facing shoreline, is where you’ll find Morro Solar. The hill, which served as a significant battleground in the 19th century, now offers a breathtaking view over Lima and the surrounding surroundings. The hill is covered in statues that honor the Planetarium, Miguel Iglesias, Christ of the Pacific, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Morro Solar, and the Unknown Soldier. The hilltop can be reached by hiking the trail or riding if you’re feeling very daring.


Lima offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean because of its numerous beachfront cliffs. But have you ever imagined how such a lovely city might appear from the sea? The Lima coastline is best explored by air. There is no better method. One of the best things to do in Lima is paragliding after booking spirit airlines flight. It is not necessary to have prior paragliding expertise in order to take in beautiful views. You can’t beat a paragliding trip from the nearby cliffs if you’re looking for adventure while still living in or close to a metropolis.

Panoramic Open Bus Tour

Lima is too big to see everything in a single day. But if you were going to do it, taking one of the two tour buses and letting it take you around the city would be your best option for seeing Lima. On a 3.5-hour guided tour of the downtown, the Mirabus a double-decker panoramic open-roof bus, takes you there. The San Francisco Catacombs and the Cathedral Basilica are also included in this tour.

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Drink Pisco

Drinking a pisco will soothe your soul. Pisco is native alcohol derived from grapes. It tastes more good when served as pisco sour. Lima is popular for most creative pisco sours so don’t leave without trying it.