Exploring Delhi: Unveiling the Gems of India’s Capital

gems of india capital

Offering a fascinating fusion of modernism and old-world charm, Delhi is considered to be one of the most incredible destinations to visit in the country. India’s capital city – Delhi was a significant political hub in the past and was ruled by numerous strong emperors. The outcome is that there are numerous attractions in Delhi, including significant historical monuments that speak wonders about the exquisite architectural talent of various civilizations. The city is also well known for holding several famous temples, restaurants, shopping centers, vibrant bazaars, nightclubs, and other attractions that draw the attention of travelers from all over the world. 

If you’re thinking about visiting Delhi soon, then the following list of attractions in Delhi will help you organize your itinerary.

1. Akshardham Temple

If you are considering taking a flight to Delhi then you must visit the Bhagwan Swaminarayan temple Akshardham that features ancient Indian culture. The temple complex has a total of sixty acres of gorgeous gardens with bronze idols of Indian heroes and soldiers as well as a courtyard shaped like a stepwell. The temple is an architectural wonder made of finely carved sandstone and marble, and it is listed as the World’s largest comprehensive Hindu temple in the Guinness World Records.  Additionally, the temple hosts exhibits on Swaminarayan’s life lessons and every day after dusk, it hosts a musical fountain and light show.

  • Timings to visit: 10:00 am – 06:30 pm (Closed on Monday)
  • Entry Fare: Free
  • Closest Metro Station: Akshardham, New Delhi

2. Red Fort

Red Fort, is one of the magnificent attractions in Delhi which was built by the Mughals in 1639, it gets its name from the size of its red sandstone walls. It is situated in Old Delhi and spans a 254 acre octagonal-shaped fort. The fort’s design and construction incorporated elements from Mughal, Persian, Hindu, and Timurid traditions. The Red Fort, which had a significant impact on following buildings built in and around Delhi, has a museum with items from the Mughal Empire, such as daggers, curtains, miniature paintings, and carpets. Peacock throne, step well, royal bath, Moti Masjid, and Hira Mahal are a few of this architectural creativity’s features. If you are taking a flight to India consider the capital city – Delhi as your first stop. So that you can witness such splendid monuments and explore the city to know the Indian culture.

  • Timings to visit : 09:30 am – 04:30 pm (Mondays closed)
  • Entry Fare: INR 35 (Indians) and INR 500 (foreigners)
  • Closest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

3. Hauz Khas

This posh South Delhi suburb, formerly known as Hauz-i-Alai, is significant historically because it still features Mughal architecture. The area is well-known for the Hauz Khas Complex, a 13th-century building that nonetheless radiates vintage appeal despite being situated on a modern street. If you love to party, you should definitely visit one of the magnificent attractions of Delhi – Hauz Khas, which is known for its upscale clubs, unique cafes, and fine dining establishments. Besides spending fun in a Delhi urban hamlet, we suggest that you take in the lush surroundings of Deer Park, splash out at designer outlet stores, and glance over the beautiful artwork at several art galleries.

  • Timings to visit : Most of the restaurants and pubs remain open till midnight
  • Closest Metro Station: Hauz Khas, New Delhi

4. India Gate

India Gate serves as a reminder of the sacrifice made by the 70,000 Indian soldiers who died while defending their country during World War I. In order to memorialize Indian soldiers who died in the Indo-Pak War, Edwin Lutyens incorporated the immortal Amar Jawan Jyoti, also known as the Flame of the Immortal Soldier, to the structure. Additionally, this majestic work of art is considered to be one of India’s biggest military memorials. The building is capped by greenery and rests on a base made of Bharatpur stone, making it a popular spot for winter and summer picnics. When illuminated at night, the monument is breathtaking, especially when combined with the neighboring fountains’ vibrant colors.

  • Timings to visit: 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Closest Metro Station: Central Secretariat, New Delhi

5. Connaught Place

Connaught Place, also referred to as CP and located in the center of the National Capital, is regarded as the most high priced marketplace in the entire world. It is also known for having upscale hotels, flea markets, and showrooms for well-known national and international businesses. Visitors to Connaught Place love the equinoctial sundial, Jantar Mantar, and Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, which has a reflecting pool. Prince Arthur, the first Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, is notable for giving the commercial district its name. If you are the one who travels in Delhi often, then CP should unquestionably belong to your must-visit list of locations when in Delhi.

  • Closest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk, New Delhi

6. Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub Gurgaon is the one location in the NCR that everyone who enjoys having fun suggests. It is a comprehensive entertainment and dining destination with numerous offices, most of which are located on the upper floors of the complex’s buildings. Dining establishments, clubs & pubs, eateries, bakeries, dessert establishments, and other dining alternatives may be found along the promenade that runs through these buildings. The entertainment factor is increased even further in places like Smaaash and The People and Co. In addition, there are also a few retail stores and an amphitheater for special occasions and advertising campaigns.

  • Timings to visit: Most of the dine in restaurants remain open till midnight
  • Closest Metro Station: Cyber City Rapid Metro Station, Gurgaon

7. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is not only one of the most prominent Sikh religious sites, but also holds a place in the top Delhi tourist places list. Located near Connaught Place, this gurudwara has a holy river named Sarovar inside its complex. A higher secondary school, a library, a museum, and a hospital are also located in this complex.

  • Timings to visit: Open 24×7
  • Entry fare : N/A
  • Closest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

8. Worlds of Wonder

A top-notch theme park, Worlds of Wonder guarantees an enjoyable time spent with friends and family while enjoying a range of attractions. This theme park is one of the best attractions in Delhi.  Samba Rumba is one of the rides in the La Fiesta zone, that’s designed exclusively for your children, at the amusement park, also known as WOW, which contains more than twenty other rides. The theme park, which spans ten acres of land, is especially well-known for its water slides and go-kart tracks. It also has a pool bar, a snack bar, and a Punjabi dhaba.

  • Timings to visit: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Entry fare: INR 1450 (Adults) and INR 999 (Children)
  • Closest Metro Station: Sector-18, Noida

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, Delhi, the dynamic capital of India, offers a wide range of outstanding tourist attractions that cater to the various interests of visitors. The city has plenty to enchant every visitor, from historic architectural wonders to lively markets and tranquil gardens. 

Delhi has it all, whether you are a history enthusiast, a foodie, or just looking for a taste of cultural experience. This city is the ideal fusion of gracious hospitality and rich history. 

These 8 must-see locations in Delhi provide a window into the complex history and contemporary culture of the city. To explore this magnificent city you can get customized plans from tours and travels in Delhi, to ease your trip.