full Rajasthan tour

Visit the land of kings and get amazed with an unexplainable experience!

If you want to feel the royal lifestyle and want to see their beautiful land, you should get ready for the RajasthanTour. Rajasthan is situated in the northeast region of Indian and provides each color at this place. You see holy lakes to Battle-scarred forts and also realize the remarkable history. It shows the traditional culture of India with excellent spirituality.

The best time to plan for a tour of Rajasthan

Many people want to take the complete essence of their Rajasthan trip, and therefore, they search for the best time to visit this king’s land. If you are also the same kind of person, you should know that winter is a great time to visit this place. You can plan your full Rajasthan tour from October to March. This is also the busiest time for the tourists because they enjoy warm weather during the day and cold at night.

Those who do not want to meet up with any kind of rush should plan their tour between mid-June to September. If you plan your trip during this month, you will get a cheaper tour package and less crowd.

But winter is best if you want to enjoy it under a blue sky.

What places should you visit in your Rajasthan Tour Packages?

Many beautiful locations will give you a strand and hidden look of an everyday world. Here are some best picks which you should look at while selecting your tour package for Rajasthan.


Your priority can be to visit the heart of dessert called Jaisalmer. This is also famous as Golden City, where the sun-soaked and dunes. When you visit this place, you see garden palaces, temples, and unique culture, which takes you to another world with royal treatment. So check out our Rajasthan package tour to get more information.


This is one of the common places to visit if you are going to Rajasthan. The pink city gives a colorful and robust historical background of history. In this city, you can not miss the city palace, Amber Fort and Palace. Rajasthan crafts, textile, and other cultural shops where you can get beautiful things for yourself and your loved ones.


Want to see one of the most ancient cities of India then go to Puskar. This city attracts most of the visitors because of Pushkar houses, camel fair, and multicolor culture. Therefore, you must visit this city as well to see exciting activities and sceneries.


Ajmer is one of the favorite destinations and popular for Dargah Sharif, the shrine of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti. At this place, you feel the spiritual quest and attend Qawali. Besides this, you will not miss the Ana Sagar lake, which is famous for its beautiful aura.


It is also known as the Venice of East and popular tourist destination because of its rich and colorful history. Aside from this, it is also identified for the landscapes and glorious traditions. When you go there, you spend a day with beautiful lakes of cities such as Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar.

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