ETA Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an adorable and attractive place which gains the maximum attention of tourists. It is quite popular and splendid due to its unique infrastructure. This fabulous small island is also popular as the name of teardrop of India. The places that are the center of attraction in Sri Lanka are beautiful waterfalls, diverse biology, and spectacular beaches. ETA Sri Lanka is highly desirable for the people who want to visit Sri Lanka. The tropical climate adds more fun to the trip to Sri Lanka. If you are planning for a Sri Lanka trip then you must consider availing ETA Sri Lanka. 

ETA Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival

Are you looking for a method to apply for ETA Sri Lanka? One can apply quite conveniently for a Sri Lanka visa online. Go to the official site of it and fulfill all the requirements to apply for the visa. Evisa Sri Lanka on arrival is indeed the short stay visa. It offers the flexibility to the travelers to grab their visa when they approach a country’s port. 

People move from one country to another due to several reasons. The most common reasons for this are tourism and business. Sri Lanka visa on arrival is granted to the people who want to visit the country for business or tourism purposes. Sri Lanka business visa comes with the golden opportunity for the businessmen. They can expand their business as much as they like. Moreover, they can also get the optimum use of Sri Lanka e visa for business meetings and proposals. Similarly, it can also be used for tourism purposes. The method to apply for a visa of arrival is quite easy. Apply for it online and mention the reason for visiting, which is either business or tourism.

Avail Visa on Arrival Rapidly

People who consider getting ETA Sri Lanka enjoy the expedited entry to Sri Lanka at the arrival. They get the benefit of not waiting in long queues. Such travelers get the visa instantly at their arrival to the country. However, the overseas travelers entering into Sri Lanka without ETA have to wait patiently in huge ques for getting visa on arrival. They have to fill the application for it at the border. Later on, the ETA Sri Lanka visa will be provided to them. ETA can be availed through applying at an online portal. 

Duration of Stay 

Residents of Seychelles and Maldives are ineligible for availing the ETA. Hence, they should apply for a visa on arrival. They get the flexibility to obtain a visa on arrival for Sri Lanka without paying any penny for it. Get the ETA Sri Lanka for availing 2 entries to Sri Lanka with optimum stay for up to 30 days. There are some visitors who get a visa on arrival for more than 30 days. Seychellois visitors can get the opportunity to stay in Sri Lanka for up to sixty days.  

Extension in Stay 

When the traveler intends for prolonged stay then he must contact Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration for extension. Submit the application and wait for a few hours to get it processed! It could be extended twice. The first extension for traveler’s ranges from 30 to 90 days while the second extension may extend to 180 days. However, Seychellois visitors can extend it for no more than ninety days.

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