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Solo travelling is one of the greatest ways to become self-confident and be self-aware. Without a doubt, solo travelling is a unique life-changing experience as it lets you explore the world and be YOU.

However, maintaining a balance between your experiences and real-life situations is an art. Travelling always brings out a different inner side of yours and gives a sense of freedom. Having said this, it does not mean to do things without thinking and risking your life.  

Following are a few safety tips for solo female travellers to ensure you have the best travel experience.

1.Keeping Valuables safe

Although it is essential to take care of your belongings when you are travelling, it becomes all the more important to safeguard your valuables. 

Whenever you are travelling solo, always ensure to keep your gadgets and smartphones safe. Many tourist areas may have pickpockets and thieves who can target your gadgets and valuables. 

One right way is to carry a sling bag with you and keep your phone and any other important stuff inside the bag. Take out your phone only when you want to use it. 

Although it is a bit tasking job to repeatedly take out your phone, use it and then keep it back, it is crucial to take necessary precautions. In case of any emergency, do not be anxious. Stay relaxed and use your common sense as it is not commonly used. 

2.Avoid night travel

When you are travelling solo, it is advisable not to travel at night as it can be a frightening time for solo female travellers in an unexplored area. 

You should always go to places, having people around to have easy access to transportation. 

Also, refrain from using overnight transportation as the night time is more prone to crime as compared to the day time. 

3. Emergency Phrases

While travelling solo, language should not become a barrier. It is advisable to learn some of the emergency phrases in order to seek help from the locals in case of an emergency. 

If you feel something is wrong and needs to raise a voice, you can always inform and seek help from the locals. To be able to communicate in the local language not only prepares you for the uncertain but also enhances your travelling experience for that particular place. 

4. Be friendly

Hotel staff are the best people to guide you about the places around as they are well aware of their local area. You can always ask for their guidance for your itinerary as to where can you go and where not as a visitor. 

Another trick is to not to say our room number aloud and in front of people while handing the keys to you. You can also notify the hotel staff with a memo as to when are you leaving and when are you planning to be back.  

5. Be in constant touch

Ensure to inform your travel plans to somebody to go for stress-free travelling. Always try and keep somebody updated about your plans and the places that you are planning to visit. 

Along with your family or friends with whom you share your travel plans, keep the receptionist posted as well about your recent whereabouts. 

In case of an emergency or any help need, the receptionist will be the first person to raise the alarm if you are stuck in any unwanted situation. 

6. Be aware

While it can be thrilling to blend into your surroundings and adapt to the local culture, there has to be some awareness about the people and situations. 

Be conscious and aware of your surroundings and be confident wherever you go. Do not feel vulnerable and let people negatively approach you. 

Do not look lost and in need of any help, instead, adopt a confident posture.

7. Important travel documents

It is always good to keep copies for your important travel documents. If you lose any of your documents, it can be a hassle. 

Keep photocopies of all your documents or soft copies in your phone or in email. In case of any mishap, photocopies are your go to option.  

8. Emergency Numbers

You should always keep all the emergency numbers handy in your phone. Wherever you go, check out the local helpline number and save it with you for any quick help if you need. 

9. Stay in Touch

In today’s times, communication has been made a lot of advancement and has become easier and cheap. You can reap benefit from this advancement. 

If you are heading to any remote destinations or an offbeat place, maintain regular contact with somebody who can reach out to you in case of an emergency. This small act of responsibility can help you be safe and feel secure while travelling solo.

Have a good time

In the end, what matters is a good day. Many females, because of the lack of job and financial stability, are unable to travel solo and incur all the expenditure. 

In this case, many banks and private lenders offer loans for unemployed and with no fees. You can borrow such loans and fulfil all your wishes and desires. 

Your happiness is only what matters, and only you are responsible for it. Do not unnecessarily burden yourself with worries and anxiety. 

Have a positive approach to life and look forward to making new memories. Be the queen and conquer the world with your self-confidence.

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