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One of the biggest countries of Central Europe , Poland provides a wide range of landscapes, the best one being the Baltic Sea coastline, its most cherished feature, as well as stunning countryside and a variety of cultural sites.

Poland shares borders with Belarus Poland shares borders with Belarus Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

This country is so huge in terms of size that its natural areas are divided in five main belts: northern, coastal lakes, plains central southern highlands and south-eastern mountains.

In addition to the coast Another natural attraction of Poland is the beautiful countryside that is still unspoiled to a certain extent.

It is possible to travel through Poland and experience stunning mountains, primeval forests with meadows, secluded valleys lakes, and traditional and organic farms.

In the midst of this abundant nature, visitors can choose from a myriad of possibilities when it comes down to activities like cycling, bird watching or riding horses.

For cultural aspects, Poland (and especially its countryside) is full of churches museum ruin sites, palaces, ruins as well as adorable traditional basket-making and ceramic workshops.

Take a look at the security in Poland’s cities. Poland


Taxis and public transportation are safe and reliable however it is highly recommended that you take extra care when you are carrying valuables on public transport since this is where organized pickpockets are operating. Be cautious of taxi drivers that employ various tricks and scams to attempt to increase the amount they charge you.


The theft of bags and purses is typical in tourist spots and areas that are crowded. Be alert at all times and do not leave your possessions out in the open. Be cautious in areas with a lot of people such as bus and railway stations, to go on Krakow bus tours and in particular on public transports, as pickpockets are often in teamsand form fake crowds of tourists to steal their money or attempt to fool people in an attempt to get their hands on their pockets.

Women who travel with their families are at risk.

Women traveling solo are completely safe in Poland. If you’ve got your head to hand and are able to use all the common sense rules, steer clear of the dark and deserted streets or walking in a group with stranger people in the dark Your trip will be smooth.


There isn’t any threat of natural catastrophes in Poland. There are occasions of flooding, and in winter, there can be snowstorms and large snowfalls. Be careful when driving in the winter months.

Also… What is the best way to ensure safe is Poland Actually?

Poland is a safe place for you to visit.

It’s attracting an increasing number of visitors each year. Tourism has generally increased , particularly since its entry into in the European Union in 2004.

But, the number of petty crimes has also increased due to the increase in tourists.

Be aware of pickpockets who run into you on the street or on the beach. Also, be vigilant with your belongings particularly in areas that are crowded.

Pickpockets typically work within an organisation, which means they may cause distraction when someone else is stealing items away from your property, or create fake crowds in public transport.

Alongside pickpockets, you could easily be fraud in Poland.

There are a variety of frauds to be aware of like credit card scams in which the person who wakes you at a very early hour calling the hotel phone informing you that they’re the receptionist who is calling to verify your credit card info.

After you’ve read the credit card number along with other information and go to your bed They steal everything on your credit card.

Be aware when using a taxi because taxi drivers are notorious for stealing money by telling you that you did not pay enough and in the process, kept the money you paid , and presenting you with smaller bills.

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