Top Goa Destinations for Having an Awesome Trip 

Goa Destinations

The greatest spots to visit in Goa with friends are quite spectacular, as you will discover. The party capital of India has a particular place in every friend’s group, from the foot-tapping musical evenings across the beaches of North Goa to exhilarating water sports at remote South Goa beaches to luxury villas in GoaNo matter your age, marital status, or whether you are single or married, keep reading to learn about the top tourist destinations in Goa to visit with friends.

1. The Chapora fort

When it comes to the top Goa attractions for you and your friends, Chapora Fort is at the top of the list. One of the nicest things to do in Goa for young people who are staying in rental houses in Goa is to watch the sunset from the Chapora Fort.

Because Portuguese emperors ordered Chapora Fort to defend them against the Maratha invasion, this fort in North Goa has a fascinating past. The fort, however, is now in ruins. In addition, it is flanked by elegant eateries and lodgings ranging from premium to midrange.

2. Anjuna Beach

One of the nicest spots for young people to visit in Goa is the seaside hamlet of Anjuna. The simple home of the hippies is located in North Goa at Anjuna Beach. Join your pals at Anjuna Beach for a variety of water activities like parasailing, snorkelling, jet skiing, and banana boat rides. The breathtaking scenery, along with the white beaches and the turquoise ocean, make this stunning beach in North Goa the ideal spot for photographers.

Be cautious with your pals when attempting to take a selfie towards the southern end of the beach due to the rocky headland. A flea market is conducted every Wednesday, which adds to the activity. From 7 AM to 4 PM, artisans hand-selected the Shiva figurines, beachwear, and macramé jewellery.

3. Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary 

If you’re unsure of which area of Goa is the ideal for friends to explore, put on your binoculars. On Choro Island, there is a bird-watching area called the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is bordered by the Mandovi River.

The Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary has paved hiking routes that you may use to take your companions on a tour of the length and width of the trees. The distinctive species that rest in this bird sanctuary, which is surrounded by a dense mangrove forest, include swallows, bulbuls, colourful kingfishers, cormorants, and ibises. One of the nicest things to do when you’re staying in Goa villas with pool is take a boat ride through the mangrove woods inside the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. The journey to Choro Island is incredible in and of itself.

4. Baga Beach

Where can you spend a whole night awake with a buddy when visiting Goa? The night sights in North Goa are the most thrilling at Baga Beach. Tito’s Lane on Baga Beach, one of the best places in Goa for nightlife, is home to upscale beach luxury villas in Goa and beachfront cafés. Not to add that the beach clubs at Baga Beach on Tito’s Lane play pleasant music and are open until three in the morning.

One of the nicest things to do with friends during the afternoon at Baga Beach is to go on a dolphin-spotting tour. Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding and parasailing are just a few of the unusual water activities available at Baga Beach to get your heart pumping.

Baga Beach is close to Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market, where you may practise your haggling with your group of wanderers. Along the primary beach route, there is also a Tibetan Beach Market. 

5. Deltin Royale Casino 

The next destination is a luxurious cruise casino featuring VIP Gaming suites is the Deltin Royale Casino, which is situated in the Mandovi River. 

You must be 21 years of age in order to participate in the floor games at Deltin Royale Casino. Deltin Casino is one of the must-see spots in Goa with pals at night if you have buddies over 25.  Unlock the music and magic acts that are available as onboard entertainment.

6. Cabo De Rama Fort

Unlock the Cabo De Rama Fort’s stunning views of the Arabian Sea and the Goan coastline. It is a hilltop fort located between Agonda and Cavelossim, two well-known beaches. One of the greatest sites to visit in South Goa for kids to learn about the legendary Ramayana link with this fort is Cabo De Rama Fort.

 When you stay in rental houses in Goa to explore, you will learn the legend of where Lord Rama lived during their 14 years of exile during a guided tour of the Cabo De Rama Fort. The Portuguese gained control of this fort in South Goa from the Marathas to keep an eye on maritime activity, and it prospered during their authority.

One church, St. Antonio Church, is located inside the Cabo De Rama Fort, and you may go there with friends to participate in the prayer offering season. Cabo De Rama Beach, which is close to the fort, offers seafood and water activities as well.

7. Mobor Beach

The mouthwatering seafood delicacies served in the beach huts at Mobor Beach will make your mouth wet. Due to the availability of sunbeds to unwind in typical Goan fashion, this is one of the greatest spots to visit in South Goa when you stay in luxury villas in Goa with your friends.

Additionally, Mobor Beach is one of South Goa’s safest beaches for swimming. You can get your adrenaline pumping with water activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides, and lifeguards are on duty for rescue.


If you know the finest spots to visit in Goa with friends, staying in villas is usually a fantastic decision. Couples and leisure travellers are increasingly drawn to Goa these days. Looking for the most upscale accommodations in Goa? You can trust us. Visit Elivaas luxury villas in Goa for the most opulent experience possible.