A Guide to Rajmachi Trek: Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi Trek


Rajmachi fort trek is situated near Lonavala. The Rajmachi trek is one of the most popular fort treks in Maharashtra. In Pune and Mumbai the Rajmachi trek is famous among the trekkers. The Rajmachi trek is 75 kilometres far from Pune, North West. The distance between the Rajmachi trek and Mumbai is 20,095 kilometres, South East.

Guidance for Rajmachi fort trek:

In Rajmachi trek there are two main trekking routes. For the Rajmachi fort trek you don’t need any guidance and permission. Only just need to continue this trek is google map with your mobile device.

 For the Rajmachi trek there aren’t any public transport facilities.

Guide from Kondhane side:

The Rajmachi trekking route starts from the Mumbai side. You just need to open google maps to find out the preferred path to go on. From Kondhane side to Rajmachi trek the distance is around 3.5 kilometres. And it will take almost two hours. If you want a guide to hire for your trek, you can. They provide you with a parking lot near a local village.

From Udhewadi side guide:

To reach Udhewadi there are available driving routes from the Pune side. Always keep in mind that the road from Lonavala to Udhewadi is too bad to trek because of the rainy season. During the heavy rain it is hard to keep driving. From Lonavala if you want a vehicle you can contact local guidance. They would help you. From the Udhewadi side to Rajmachi trek the total distance is approximately 2.5 kilometres. And it will take around 45 minutes.

When you are returning try to return before the sunset because you might get stuck in there. There are also private cab or taxi facilities from Lonavala to Rajmachi or Udhewadi village. At the Rajmachi fort there are two vast caves. You can also visit some famous forts around Rajmachi fort which are Shrivardhan Balekilla, Bhairavnath temple, Manoranjan Balekilla, and Kondane caves.

Best time to go for Rajmachi trek:

The Rajmachi trek is best time between June to September. Between the months of May to June you will be witnessed the fantastic views of fireflies on the sky at the night. For the two months the glory of the dark sky shows a beautiful site right before the monsoon it only for the two months. There are several firefly festivals  to allow the all visitors for the stunning panoramic views.

For the others month there’s a great time to visit specifically in monsoon. In the monsoon there are lush greenery, foggy skiy, small waterfalls and valleys. These plot twist scenario makes you energetic and mesmerized your soul.

If you don’t want to visit during the monsoon, you’ll meet the multiple colors of autumn. And in this time you can see the colorful ageing leaves, clear skies and clear air.

The Rajmachi trek is located between the hill stations of Lonavala and Karjat in the Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats. Those place are famous amongst tourists in Maharashtra. The Rajmachi is based on two forts – one is the Manaranjan fort which is 2510 feet , faces with the West and the other one is the Shriwardhan fort which is around 2710 meet and faces the East.

The two forts are more easier than other. But it will take more time to reach. The route of those forts are enriched with beautiful forests and easy path to walk. In the meantime you will be witnessed with various types of insects, birds, and reptiles on your path. On the path there are multiple plants and weeds. This route will reach you to the Udhewadi which is the base of this Rajmachi trek.

You can hire a rickshaw till Tungarali from Lonavala. From the Lonavala station the destination will take time approximately 3 hours. You can also take four wheelers from the base camp. It will be easier to explore some new things during the starting your journey.

From the Karjat route:

To reach the Kondivade village from Karjat you have to walk. During this time you can pass through the waterfalls and various maple trees. The route which you pass there are also some viewpoints to see for a while like Kondhane caves which makes you  feel more amazing to explore some great scenario. Ans finally you will be reached at Rajmachi. From the Rajmachi you will reach the Udhewadi. You just relax with yourself with the mesmerizing views.