A Guide to St. John – Virgin Islands


The U.S. Virgin Islands is an array of beautiful Caribbean islands and bays. A U.S. island, it is known for pristine white sand beaches, clear aqua blue oceans, and awe-inspiring natural landscapes. St. Thomas island, which is home to the main city, Charlotte Amalie, is to the east. To the north is St. John, which has beautiful old cities, st. Croix and Frederiksted, which are to the south. Virgin Islands National Park can also be found in the northern region.

The largest island of the Virgin Islands is St. John. It is known for its sand dunes, cliffs and woodlands. There are a number of interesting sites here. You can go deep sea fishing, take a sailing tour or take part in activities like surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and much more. The dunes can be covered in lush green trees, making for a very interesting scenery.

The Lesser Antilles is another island in the Virgin Islands. It is made up of lands that are below the water line. These are called the submerged mountains. There are a number of hiking trails and hot air balloon rides to view the landscape.

On the southern end of the Lesser Antilles, is St. Thomas. This island is home to St. John along with the other British Virgin Islands. St. Thomas is where you will find the most northern tip of the Virgin Islands. It is also where the first British settlement for the Americans was made. The capital, Fort William, can still be seen there.

In the Caribbean are several smaller islands in addition to the greater Antilles. They are referred to collectively as the Caribbean islands. The largest of them all is Jamaica. The islands have all sorts of different histories, though most revolve around the history of the U.S.

The larger islands in the Caribbean are home to such attractions as San Juan, Puerto Rico, Caymans and Guadeloupe. Puerto Rico is home to many popular hotels such as the Four Seasons and Venetian Resort. Puerto Rico is home to many popular tourist destinations including its largest port, San Juan. It is a great vacation spot for travelers seeking to visit the larger destinations in the Caribbean. It has beautiful beaches and a variety of watersports, including snorkeling and windsurfing.

The southern most portion of the Virgin Islands is called the Lesser Antilles. This part is less well known than the other parts and has less crowding of tourist hotspots. There is a road town called Tortola on the eastern end of the Lesser Antilles. Travelers who are looking for more out of the way places to travel can visit this road town of Tortola. It is a popular place to visit with locals.

There is a vast array of different size islands in the southern Caribbean area. The larger islands are referred to as the Greater Antilles while the smaller ones are referred to as the Lesser Antilles. The Virgin Islands is the final destination for many travelers who travel between the United States and the Caribbean. The islands have diverse weather patterns and offer visitors a range of different water activities.

Visitors are advised to consider their budget when planning a vacation to the Virgin Islands. The bigger the group size the more it will cost to book a vacation package. There are also some great tours that can be planned during the course of a vacation to the greater Antilles. For instance, there are plenty of popular beach tours available in the winter months of December through March. There are also many different sandy beaches to enjoy throughout the year which visitors can choose from.

The weather of the Virgin Islands is tropical with days and nights being warm and humid. There is no visible trend of hurricanes or other large storms. The only notable storm that is currently very common to the Virgin Islands is Hurricane Hugo. A few of the smaller British Virgin Islands are more susceptible to a hurricane strike, although none have ever lost a person to a hurricane.

The most populated area of the Virgin Islands is St. John. There are plenty of resorts and hotels located in and around St. John. Other islands in the St. John area include Annegada, Barbados, Bonaire, and Golf del Sur. In addition to these three popular resorts, there are plenty of bed and breakfast properties, inns, hotels, restaurants, and parks to explore.

Many of the larger islands are relatively unspoiled. There is really no need to spend time in an air-conditioned hotel or taking in pricey food while visiting the US Virgin Islands. Visitors are encouraged to take some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, golf, swimming, and snorkeling that is found on each of the four main islands. If a person is looking for a more idyllic place to visit, then consider staying in one of the Bed and Breakfasts available in St. John.

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