Hampta Pass Trek: An Unforgotten Journey To The Himalaya

hampta pass trek

If you want to take down a road of self-discovery or trip with your friends, then it’s the right time to pack your bags. Take the exhilarating journey to Hampta Pass Trek includes Chandratal lake, and you would never be the same person you were before. This beautiful road starts in Manali but remains with you all your life. Your first milestone is Vasisht Temple on the way to Chika, which is close to Manali. The hot springs on the way ironically cool down your body and soothe your mind.

From Chika leave for Balu ka Ghera to see the peaks of Dhauladhar ranges and other mountains of the Himalayas. The blooming valley makes you forget who you are, from where you came as that the peaks are still above all for everyone. You can’t resist yourself to take a picture and keep this scenery forever with you.

The main attractions of this trek starts at Hampta Pass for which you have to trek at least 8-hours from Balu ka Ghera to reach the height of 13,000 feet. The majestic Shea Goru Valley makes you forget all the hard work you did to enter this place. On the way, you’ll hear ‘meh! Meh!’ the sounds of sheep carried away by local shepherds.

Next, you have to trek to the final attraction of this trek Chandra Tal. On your way, enjoy the millennial view of Lahaul valley, surrounded by mountains and the glorious Pir Panjal ranges of Himalaya. The shift in scenery is full of twists and makes you wonder what could be the next best view for you. After reaching Chandra Tal, sit for a few minutes, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the cool breeze brush your face as you experience the splendid beauty of nature in front of you.

Now’s the part of crossing the Rohtang Pass and reaching back to Manali. Pack your bags and take down your best moments of the trip with you. The ending of this journey is the beginning of a new you. This version of you has learned much more and gained so much experience than the previous one.

About Main Attractions:

 Hampta Pass Trek is a dynamic trek made for any person, from a beginner to a professional. This trek is vigorous with gradual slopes to rocky roads. It is a 5-day trek with beautiful scenery on the way you can’t forget. The valleys on the way are abundant in nature and filled with green shrubs and friendly sheep. One of the main attractions of this trek, Hampta Valley is attracted by precipitation and makes it unforgettable.

The Hampta pass crossing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that fuels the adrenaline and evokes the adventurous side of you. Be ready to expect the unexpected and get prepared to walk on wet soil or rocks. But after all the hard work you put, earn yourself the gorgeous view of the location you very well deserve.

The Shea Goru campsite is another favorite among the trekkers. Imagine yourself sleeping in the lap of mountains with mountains all around you, the stream of water at one side and white peaks on another. Well, stop imagining and experience it yourself when you experience this — living in a tent at a place like this a checkmark on the bucket list.

And the last famous attraction of this trip is the Chandratal lake. No words or no photo can justify the charm of this lake. One of the most stunning lakes of India, Chandrataal lake is at the feet of desert mountains. The calm blue water of lake mixes with giant brown mountains and forms the scenery you might have never thought. Consider yourself lucky if you are ever able to experience it. However, snow might block the roads to this lake, so kindly check before you go.

Other Details

The best time to complete this trek is between July to mid-September as the weather is pleasant and the lake is generally open. The Hampta pass trekking takes five days, and the total distance from Jobra is 26 km. The trip starts in Manali and ends in Manali. The maximum altitude is 14,100 feet, close to Hampta Pass. The difficulty level of this trek is from low to moderate; amateurs can do it provided the body is physically active.

The Hampta pass and Chandratal trek are packed with beautiful meadows, waterfalls, valley views, mountain streams, and stunning skies. It is a great way to start your trekking journey. Camping in tents at breathtaking non-polluted locations makes you wonder what else nature has left to show. This trek is a life-changing experience that makes you more proud of yourself and lets you reach another level of personal development. So, go and take the rocky road, enjoy the stunning views, and reward yourself with a better version of yourself.

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