Har Ki Dun Trek – Wonderful Trekking Destination

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek

Descended in the heart of Govind Vallabh pant national park, at an elevation of 3566 mts above sea level the Har ki dun trek is one of the most beautiful of all. It provides a captivating view of valleys in the far-off end of the Garhwal Himalayas. And it shows the panoramic view of fascinating natural beauty. This snow-clad valley provides breathtaking views of the almighty Himalayan peaks and glaciers such as Swargarohini, Kala nag (black peak), Bandarpoonch, etc. The phenomenal beauty from atop will surely make you speechless. This destination is full of wonders and tends to rejuvenate your senses.

Best time to do Har ki dun Trek

Since the weather of Har ki Dun is extremely cold and during winters, the place witnesses heavy snowfall. Hence, the best time for trekking in Har ki Dun is considered to be summer as the weather is pleasant and no difficulty is faced. Summers occur there from April to June.

If one wants to witness the snowfall and likes some more adventure to happen during the trek, then one must go there for trekking in winter. It is a beautiful feeling altogether. The winters are from October to December.

Summers and post-monsoons are the most appropriate season for trekking in Har ki Dun. Though there is leftover snow in summer too and it melts in the daytime due to heat from sunlight and starts freezing again at night. And the post-monsoon period has various waterfalls and various rivers flowing freely and creating wonderful views. And sometimes the melting snow provides a way to roll.

During monsoons, it is not considered to be safe,d therefore it is not allowed to visit there during monsoons.

Trekking at Har ki Dun

The har ki dun trek is full of wonders and this offers the best surreal natural view. This trekking destination is full of marvelous meadows and various snow-clad mountains on the view will surely be a treat to the eyes of the trekkers.

The tourists go to sankri village from Dehradun. The trek begins at Taluka, which is a small hamlet, the inhabitant’s warm monsoons are welcoming toward all the tourists. Then the trekkers traverse through some beautiful green forests of chestnuts, walnuts, and Chinars and reach the Seema/Osla named hamlet which is aligned across the supine river that provides a surreal and captivating view of the region.

Then the trekkers move to the final destination of Har ki dun. After reaching Seems, the trekkers need to cross a giant bridge across the Supin river. The trekkers need to trek at some steeper trails to reach the destination for about 4 km. After reaching Kalkati Dhar the trials become less challenging, once the view becomes clear the trekkers can get a glimpse of Hata peak. And after trekking there the trekkers reach their destination of Har ki dun which is aligned at the foot of Hata peak.

When you wake up you can witness the eye-catching view of sunrise from the Swargarohini peak. You can relax and enjoy the surreal natural view from there.

The difficulty level of the Har ki Dun trek

Hair ki dun trek is neither difficult nor easy, it is considered to be a moderate-level trek due to the presence of slightly difficult trails and trekking gradients. This place can be taken by amateurs if they are physically fit and want to experience some adventure. The steeper trail to reach the destination doesn’t work in favor of all, that’s why the trekkers need to be prepared from before.

Activities at Har Ki Dun

Other than trekking Camping is also one of the most popular activities at Har ki Dun. Camping in the lap of nature is one of the most amazing experiences for tourists. Setting up tents and enjoying the campfire and refreshing natural sensation. There you can relish magnificent sunrise and sunset views. And during the night travelers can even relish the stargazing experience.

You can even enjoy the hospitality at various hamlets on your way to Har ki Dun. There you will get to witness the vast cultural heritage and traditions of the place.

And sightseeing at numerous surreal locations will add to the list of wonderful experiences at Har ki Dun.


The wonders of nature are witnessed while trekking and nothing can be more calming than nature. The experience is what everybody dreams of and the weather is so pleasing too. One must spare some time from their hectic schedule to discover themselves and know that the actual meaning of life does not occur in proving ourselves every day, it is just a part of life. The real beauty lies in the nature that you must witness and you will fall in love with it.