Enter the Harry Potter’s Wizarding World In Florida

Wizarding World

It’s already been a decade since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first came into existence. Since then, it has been one of the most sought-after attractions in Universal Studios, Orlando. It is like a sacred place for Potter Heads. Even if you are not a hardcore Harry Potter fan, the magnificent castle and curvy streets will still make you feel the magic. So, it doesn’t matter what type of visitor you are! The bottom line is that you will experience something vividly immersive. Like any Muggle would assume after being forced into the wizarding world, there are many things to accept, plus your initial trip may be extra remarkable than discovering that your pet mouse is actually an older man. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to help you find out the essence of the magical world. This is what you need to know about the Wizard World of Harry Potter.

Buy tickets in advance to go to the two parks.

The large selection of Universal Studios may cause panic. There are multiple parks, and each park needs its ticket. The Harry Potter attractions are divided into two parks, i.e., Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. That means you need to buy two tickets to see all of this, a double whammy starting at $115. You definitely want to visit these two parks for the best Harry Potter fan experience. In Universal Studios, you will find Diagon Alley, Gringotts Great Escape rides, and the fire-breathing dragon on top of the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. On Adventure Island, you can stroll around Hogsmeade, watch street performances, and gaze at the vast Hogwarts Castle.

Ride the famous Hogwarts Express in both directions

As long as you are on this topic, we can’t forget the unique Hogwarts Express. You can ride it in both directions. However, you may have to return to your car anyway. This amazing train is not just a means of transit between parks but a thrilling ride to the Harry Potter World. You will cross a pillar between platform 9 and 10 to enter Platform 9¾, and you will see sights in both directions, so even if you don’t have to ride a bike, it’s worth riding twice. Book your American Airlines reservations to Florida as early as possible and ride the Hogwarts Train. Hop on the express and enjoy the best time with your friends

Go straight towards the Diagon Alley.

Both parks have many attractions worth visiting. Nevertheless, please skip Flaming Moe and head straight to Diagon Alley. The level of immersion for Harry Potter world here is different from anything you can find in the park. Standing at the opening of the alley near Leaky Cauldron, there was unbridled joy on the face of every visitor who entered. It’s amazing.

Put your Cell Phones aside and indulge yourself in the wizarding world.

Is there a flying broom near the ceiling of the Hogsmeade store? Does Crookshanks sleep on the shelf in the Magic Zoo? Is the one in the window Nagini? Does the music refer to particular movie moments based on your location? Seriously, don’t look down. No matter where you are, there are things worth seeing: silhouettes of people talking in the window, moving portraits, newspapers with moving pictures. If you spend too much time staring at your phone and taking pictures, you might miss some great things.

Buy a magic wand, but skip the robe.

The shops throughout the park are beautiful, and there are many magical and enticing toys for sale in each shop. But turning yourself into a wizard can become very expensive. The magic wand is one of the few value-for-money toys. They cost about $55, but you get more than just typical souvenirs: in the two parks, brass signs indicate places where you can cast spells and “magically” make things happen. So, You are buying an additional attraction. The wand is fun, but you can skip Ollivander’s Wand Shop performance. They only select one person from each group to Pair with their wand. The rest of the people just have to watch.

Pick Up the reading books and get ready for Hogwarts

If you are like Hermione, and love to read all the textbooks even before the school starts, head to Bangs and Dervish to buy the Monster Book of Monsters. On the surface it may look cute and furry but once you open it and aren’t careful it will come its way chomping towards you. So, as in the Harry Potter movie, stroke its spine and calm it down before you open it. This will work like magic for sure. Now remember that wand? That you picked at the beginning, use it to memorize all the spells and try them one by one for a better experience of reality.

Try As many Rides as You can while you are at it.

There is nothing special about Hippogriffs flight, and it may be best for young tourists. Although, the rest three spins are worth the long queue. You may want to take the Escape Of Gringotts and  Forbidden Journey multiple times, which are both ranked the top five among the dark rides in the world by the awards of Golden Ticket Amusement Park. You also definitely want to try Hagrid’s magical creature motorcycle adventure, an outdoor roller coaster through the forbidden forest. It is not only the latest but also the most exciting Harry Potter World rides. So be sure you do not miss out on the fun while you are at it.

Eat at Three Broomsticks or Broken Cauldron Bar

If you plan to dine in the park, you may appreciate that you are free to enjoy a jar of butterbeer while eating at Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley or Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. In addition, the level of detail inside these locations is outstanding, making up for the cost of fish and chips. In addition, you might think that the actual beer is rubbish. But that is quite reasonable for a true Harry Potter Style Treat..

If you want to see the show, go early.

This may not be the main reason you came to the wizarding world, but its street performances are a great pastime when you throw away butterbeer. But they are almost always crowded, so please pay attention to the screening times posted throughout the park and find a spot as early as possible. Triwizard Spirit Rally was torn from the frame of the Goblet of Fire. It was carried out many times in a day and was quickly caught.  It is an incredibly photogenic experience. 

Plan your vacation with Southwest airlines reservations to Orlando. After all the exploration at this wizard World, you can end your day in Hogsmeade under the night lights of Hogwarts on the Adventure Island. You can even watch The puppeteer perform “The Story of the Three Brothers” and “The Fountain of Good Luck,” the former being somewhat similar to the movie version of the Deathly Hallows. This is a widespread change of pace in the park, usually focusing on the King Kong-sized experience.

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