Have You Considered a Trip to Kasol Kheerganga? Things to remember are listed below.

kheerganga trek

The journey of “Kheerganga” is a tale unto itself. It is jam-packed with fantastical stories, breathtaking vistas, action-packed excursions, and tonnes of enjoyment. This walk begins in Barshaini, a location in Himachal that is 4 kilometres from Tosh. For those who enjoy the outdoors and adventure, the journey is paradise. The nice part is that it is not a particularly challenging journey and beginners may complete it without much difficulty. You will be well informed on what to do on your Kasol-Kheerganga Trip after reading this post.

One of the best things about kheerganga is that you have three options to get to the summit, not one, not two. Each of the three approaches is distinct and beautiful in its own right. Take the village route on your outbound trip, then the forest route on your return. The one in the village is a little simpler, while the one in the forest is full of excitement and breathtaking scenery. Online, it’s simple to find Kasol Kheerganga trek packages. In the summer, April to June is ideal, and in the winter, October to November.

Before making travel arrangements for the Kheerganga Trek , a few things should be kept in mind.

1) Travel to Kasol or Tosh the day before your hike because it will be exhausting to go on the hike immediately after a bumpy ride. To fully appreciate your walk, it is advised that you stay the night before.

2) Barshaini, the beginning location, is located around three hours’ drive from Kasol. Although it may be close to Kasol, the bus connectivity isn’t great, so you should depart a little before the scheduled time.

3) Since Tosh is only 3 kilometres from Barshaini, it is preferable to spend the night there rather than in Kasol. This will allow you to begin your walk earlier and give yourself plenty of time.

Activities You Can Do While Traveling to Kasol-Kheerganga

Let’s start with the beautiful scenery: 

If you prefer being in nature, this place is perfect for you. It is nothing less than a paradise because of the waterfalls, the lush green environs, and the Parvati River.

It’s a treasure trove for photographers:

Pack your bags right now if you enjoy taking photos and documenting special occasions. You will find something breathtakingly beautiful around every curve and turn in this place since it is so captivating. A treasure for photographers, it.

Swim in the hot water springs:

 Nature will never let you down with its wonders. On the summit of Kheerganga, there is one such marvel. There are natural hot springs that are naturally infused with minerals that are said to be very beneficial for our bodies. It aids in lowering anxiety issues, skin issues, and many other things. After a strenuous hike, what could be a greater cure than a refreshing swim?

Observe the Milky Way:

You’ll be in amazement the entire time you’re travelling. Did you frequently see images of the Milky Way and wonder when you might see it? This opportunity is much more stunning than the ones you’ve seen online, so take advantage of it. You may even give night photography a shot.

Barbecue, bonfires, and camping

Did you find the title itself exciting to read? Nevertheless, no matter how often you do this trio, you won’t grow weary of it. You’re really missing out on something very great if you’ve never tented on a hilltop, played some music at the bonfire sessions, and prepared meals on the homemade BBQ.