How are hills popular choices for holiday homes and investment?

hills holiday homes

Hill stations in India have become a popular choice for tourists nowadays because they not only offer picturesque views of snow-capped mountains, but also a lot of peace, cleanliness and pollution free air which is rare in cities. People travel hundreds of kilometres from cities to their nearest mountains and hills to stay away from the chaos of the city for some time. This is the reason house for sale in coonoor and other hill stations in India have seen a sharp rise. People purchase properties in hills for holiday homes because it is a fantastic investment opportunity keeping in mind the rising trend of spending holidays in hills.

Tips to get better rent for your holiday homes

The number of purchasers for hill houses fluctuates, but high net worth people with large budgets are swarming to these locations. The number of buyers for hill town properties has decreased due to the present economic scenario. Those who are still making purchases are more likely to come from middle and upper management and have greater discretionary incomes. If you want better rent for your holiday homes, you must make sure that the location of your property is perfect. It should give beautiful mountain views for which people spend their money. Also, it should not be so far from the city that the tenants do get even basic facilities like groceries and hospitals.

Also, the condition of the property must be good and must look attractive with all the modern amenities so that people who book your holiday home get everything in the property itself and have a comfortable stay. These things will definitely assure higher rent for your property.

How to select the best holiday home?

As discussed earlier, the location of the property is most important while selecting a holiday home which also depends on the nearest planes. The choices for the destination of a holiday home could be different near to Mumbai and Pune while it could be different near to Chennai and Trivandrum. There are people offering holiday homes at even 5 lakh rupees but you need to be cautious while purchasing these properties as they could have many legal issues like improper plotting, fencing, illegal occupancy and many other things. If you purchase it, you will definitely regret later and all your money would be blocked which you would never want. 

Above points must always be remembered and followed because if you are buying a holiday home for investment purposes, you will definitely want better returns from it.

Important rules and regulations while buying holiday homes

Only locals can purchase and possess real estate in Jammu & Kashmir due to historical reasons. Without the approval of the state government, non-natives of the hill state of Himachal Pradesh cannot purchase land there; similarly, non-farming populations cannot purchase agricultural land. Non-residents of the state are only permitted to purchase up to 250 square metres of land in Uttarakhand, a popular summer vacation spot. You must obtain the approval from the government if you wish to purchase larger properties.

You would have to make do with occasional visits to the north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and others if you want to enjoy their magnificent beauty. Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, and Nagaland prohibit outsiders from purchasing land or real estate. Except for a few areas in and around Shillong, Meghalaya prohibits the transfer of land or property to non-tribals. Clearance from the neighbourhood authority is necessary, even if the buyer is a tribe member from outside the state.