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Everyone likes Himachal Pradesh trekking when the temperature is optimal. There is a bright and clear sky. But as soon as the monsoon approaches, most of us are not even considering a trip to Himachal Pradesh. We get soaked in the rain and stay indoors. However, the monsoon has no end to the trekking season. Some of the trekking is best enjoyed during this season when the valleys are lush and flowers bloom everywhere. All you need is some good preparation and a good raincoat for a special ordinary experience. A shortlist of monsoon treks in Himachal Pradesh.

1) Chandratal Lake Trek

Himachal Pradesh Wet Monsoon Anyone who wants to escape for a few days needs to do the beautiful Chandra Thar Lake trek. This trek is full of hiker valleys dotted with brightly colored flowers for the fierce showers of the monsoon. Snow-capped mountains surround the trekker from all sides as they climb up the winding mountain pass to the pristine Chandra Taal Lake.

On the way to the lake, hikers camp out at a place called Barukagera, inhabited by the Himalayan brown bears. Although the monsoon season is hard to catch a glimpse of bears, trekkers should bring their cameras as there is certainly other similarly attractive wildlife near the trekking trails.

2) Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek Take hikers to Hangputapas up the gorgeous mountain slopes in the gentle green Crew Valley. From there, trekkers can enjoy expansive views of the Lahore Valley below – a wide spread of green in the distance. Monsoon showers provide a cool, comfortable, and pleasant climate, and with the exception of mild splashes, trekking poses no other problems. Hampta Pass Trek is one of the few treks in Himachal Pradesh that boasts such diverse terrain.

The Hump Tapas Trek from the empty desert to green valleys and meandering rivers against the backdrop of gorgeous snow-capped summits is definitely at the top of the list of “Best Monsoon Trekking in Himachal Pradesh”.

3) Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek trail runs along the winding Bead River. Tall, crusty mountain peaks surround trekkers on all sides, and lush pastures spread out on either side of the trekking route. At 12,000 feet high, soft mist surrounds the cold monsoon moon more. There are pristine glacial lakes that fascinate: mountain slopes and valleys. This lake supplies the river Vis with fresh Alpine water. Especially during the monsoon, the gushing waters of the Vis River still sound attractive.

This trek offers a quaint little natural landscape where visitors can enjoy without helplessly drowning in the annual monsoon showers to escape the hustle and bustle rain of Manali.

4) Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek is one of the best hikes you can do during the monsoons of Manali. Alpine meadows spread far beyond the horizon. Deep green valleys and lush oak forests are guaranteed to be in full bloom this season, and the cool breeze and gentle drizzle are what activate every trekker’s senses! Aside from the majestic snow-capped peaks, this trek shows climbers beautiful and pristine Lake Bhrigu. The water changes from royal blue in winter to bright green in summer. The best chance for trekkers to see Burigu Lake fill up with crystalline, refreshing waters is during the rainy season, as rain is constantly feeding this lake.

5) Prashar Lake Trek

High in the Kullu Valley Surrounded by the Dhauladhar Mountains and the PirPinjal Mountains, the pristine Prashar Lake is a quaint little temple next to PrasharRishi. The Prasharu Lake trekking route is full of sweet-scented cedar, fir, and spruce forests, all flowers for a monsoon shower. The magnificent waterfall ate the monsoon rain as it flowed down the stream below along the slopes of the monsoon rainy mountains. Prashar Lake Trek is an easy hike, although some steep ridges make climbing difficult during the monsoon.

6) Pin Parvati Trek

12th Pin Parvati Trek is for thrill-seekers and adventurous people. Large glaciers, deep slits, and slippery slopes are common for this trek. Trekking terrain From beautiful forests to green valleys, snow-covered mountains, and small Buddhist mountain villages, trekking routes pass through the dry Spiti Desert and the blue Parvati Valley. I will. The Tach meadows are brighter and sweeter than ever during the monsoon, and I show off a variety of colorful flowers. The hot springs along the way provide complete rest from the cold, moist mountain air, and the view from the Pin Parvati Pass in the lush valley below is truly spectacular!

7) Kareri Lake Trek

This trek takes mountaineers through holly, oak, tow forests, narrow streams, desolate valleys, and mountain trails. Trekking begins in Gera Village. Trekking takes mountaineers to another quirky little town, Kareri Village. Camping in muddy meadows during the monsoon is not desirable, so visitors can find accommodation here. Monsoon rain is to make the valley rich and deep green. Hikers could not find rare animals. From the village of Kareri, there is a trace of the oval lake Kareri. It is a two-day trek, and it is perfect for those who want to escape from the country’s west and cold streets of the Kareri Lake Trek!

8) Parang La Trek

Trekking guides visitors to the magnificent Parang La Pass through the Ladakh-Spiti Valley, which is very popular with trekking groups. Snow-covered mountains rise above the trekking trail, and bright, sweet-smelling flowers scatter the valley endlessly. A beautiful glacial lake, Tso Moriri is waiting for a trekker on the other side of the Parang La Pass. In a mild monsoon drizzle and cool mountain environment, this lake looks more attractive and subtle than ever! Monsoon showers are already muddy and slippery on steep trekking routes. Crossing the terrain can be very difficult during the rainy season, but advanced-level trekkers who want to challenge themselves or are looking for the thrill of mountaineering should definitely do this trek.

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