Top 7 Historical And Iconic Boston Attractions

boston attractions

If you are in Boston for a short or a long time and want to see most attractive historical and iconic attractions, you must need  to hire a Boston Car for the comfort move to anywhere within the city. Here, are 7 most attractive historical places you can see in Boston.

Library-Museum of President John F. Kennedy

The exhibits of this museum tell not only about the tragically cut short life of the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy, but also about the period of American history of the 1950-60s. The beautiful museum building was built with a view of the president’s favorite Boston – from the windows there are beautiful panoramas of the cityscapes and the footpath along the bay, which offers a beautiful view of the cityscape, as well as the open path along Dorchester Bay in Boston Bay. The museum presents a large number of interesting exhibits: a space capsule Freedom 7, a vintage golf cart of the president, typewriters and board games of that time, election paraphernalia, interior items of the presidential office, gifts from leaders of other countries, as well as memorable photos and videos. There are also quite unusual items in the exposition, for example, a number of dresses of the president’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy!

Old North Church

This Boston attraction Episcopal church, also known as Christ Church, is the oldest surviving temple in Boston. It was erected in 1722 and is one of the most visited historical sights of the city. Inside the temple is a bust of George Washington. On the night of April 18, 1775, a signal was given from the spire of this church about the approach of British troops by sea, after which Paul River rode on horseback to the militia positions to warn them of the danger. This happened on the eve of the famous battles of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution. In 1961, the Old North Church was designated a U.S. National Monument, and five years later it was added to the National Register of Historic Places

Arnold Arboretum Park Ensemble

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University was founded in 1872 by Frederick Lowe Olmsted, a famous American architect and landscape designer. The arboretum is the second largest Boston attraction in the famous ensemble of parks called  (Emerald Necklace). This huge park ensemble of 4.45 km² is a network of ten city parks in Boston, connected by water channels and park paths. The Arnold Arboretum presents a variety of trees and shrubs from around the globe, with each specimen accompanied by a detailed description. The park can be explored in two ways: by following the usual route or away from asphalt paths.

Science Museum

This museum is rightfully one of the main attractions of Boston. Its exposition presents more than 700 interactive exhibits. In addition, many exhibition halls regularly host open presentations on the history and future of our planet. The museum is additionally equipped with an IMAX cinema with a unique dome screen (Mugar Omni Theater) and a planetarium of Charles Hayden (Charles Hayden Planetarium). The Museum of Science of Boston is a member of the U.S. Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It has become home to more than 100 rescued and rehabilitated animals. The museum has a wonderful café, where it is very tasty to cook.

Boston Children’s Museum

In 1909, several local teachers teaching natural sciences came up with an interesting idea about creating a large training center for children. In 1913, such a center, called the Boston Children’s Museum, opened its doors to visitors and since then has enjoyed constant popularity among children of all ages. During its existence, the museum has earned a reputation as a cultural and educational institution with a serious approach to children. The museum offers visitors 18 expositions – permanent and temporary, and its collection has more than 50,000 exhibits. Of particular interest to all children without exception is the huge design of chips with a height of three floors, on which you can safely climb up and down. A clear organization of work, accessibility, safety, the Boston attractions opportunity to learn many useful things in practice – all this makes the museum, a wonderful place where children in the process of games and entertainment can learn and love the world around them.

Skywalk Observatory Observation Deck

To see the stunning panoramas of Boston, visit the observation deck, which is called the Skywalk Observatory (Skywalk Observatory). It is located in the high-rise building Prudential Tower – locals call this skyscraper with a height of 228 m simply “Pru”. Located on the covered observation deck occupying the 50th floor of the building, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscapes. With the onset of darkness from a bird’s eye view, you can admire the pictures of the sparkling night Boston, and in the daytime it is better to go to the observation deck on sunny days, when the city structures are more clearly visible.

Boston Mapparium

Mapparium is a unique landmark of the city, located in the Boston Library of Mary Baker Eddy. This is a giant ball of glass with a height of a three-story house, inside of which a map of the world is depicted – a kind of globe from the inside. You can get to Mapparium through a special bridge that passes through the entire ball. Outside the walls are illuminated by LED lamps. The idea of creating such a map of the world arose in the 1930s, and the author of the project was the architect Chester Lindsey Churchchil. The design and construction of the Mapparium took three years, and after opening in 1935, it became the main attraction of the city. The uniqueness of this design lies in the fact that it allows you to see the entire globe without distorting distances and shapes, as it happens on a flat map or globe. You can also book your ride at logan airport during your short term stay in the Boston.There are so many other Boston attractions are in que and you will read about those in my next article. I hope you will like this read very much and found it very informative and knowledge base to share with other.

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