How’s and Whys of Military flight Deals


When you think of life in the military, you will be thinking of a life in service. You will expect to see action if your country is involved in any conflict. You will also be expected to serve at short notice, even when you are on holiday. So, when should you expect to get good military flight deals? 

  • When you have to go through the selection process.
  • When you are selected and asked to serve.
  • When you go on holiday 
  • When you are asked to serve while on duty.

Also, you will be flying on two different types of aircraft, either military ones or commercial ones. 

We all want our country to be safe

Yes, you have to have to be exceptionally physically fit to serve in the military. Though apart from the service, there are quite a few perks too. Most soldiers retire early and receive a pension after retirement. Their children often get admission into military schools or the government offers them financial help for education. While you serve, you get free lodging and free food. However, America as a nation takes great pride in its military might, so you can expect everyone to pitch in and the airlines are not far behind with their cheap military flights. You will receive benefits from them whether you are flying to duty, for leisure or if you are a veteran. 

What the airlines will be able to do for you?

Most airlines though do not publicize this much apart from on special occasions like Veterans Day. They all have a section for military personnel on their websites where they will list the benefits offered to the military personnel. I you intend to get the benefits, you will have to call them though and either there will be a dedicated number or you will be asked to call on their Toll-free number. So, what benefits can you expect to get from the airlines?

  • Some airlines offer military discount flights or special airfare for you.
  • Others will allow you to carry baggage or extra baggage for free.
  • Some airlines may allow you to board their aircraft on a priority or you will get preferential treatment on their airport counters. 
  • Your spouse and children may also be offered these benefits.

To summarize it all

These benefits will vary depending on whether you are still on active duty or if you are retired. So, why are the airlines doing this for you? As listed earlier they are doing their bit for the country by providing these military flights and cheap international flights to the military persons. The other reason is that this gives a good image of them to not just the passengers who fly with them, but the entire country. Another reason is that if the country is not safe, their own security will be jeopardized. So you can always expect cheap flights for military from them.