How does the Taxi Software Solution Works

taxi booking software

“The taste of the pudding is in the eating” The saying goes well with the ongoing concept of taxi software solutions. If you are on your way to buy one, then you will come across many service providers who are into the business of app making and this app would be one from the many they have. What is the assurance that what you are buying is the right product and you will not repent once you start to use the same?  An online demo can be attractive but how do you trust the real product. Software business has become a factory unit that keeps on manufacturing rather developing the software. So before you buy taxi software, make sure that you check what is provided and how it works. The guidelines below would be helpful.


  • A ride booking system that caters to the need of urgent and later needs
  • A stringent system with accurate status updates and full proof monitoring system
  • A flexible commissioning functionality for drivers
  • Reduce response time of pickup and drop-off with the help of GPS system
  • Ride management for both driver and passenger is made easy via detailed ride history 
  • Flexibility for the passenger to pick and choose the vehicle and ride based on their budget
  • Facility to track driver based on real time tracking system  
  • Secure online payment options

The above guidelines are good enough to understand the outer shell of the system but there is a lot more to it other than the functionalities. It is therefore important to understand the process.

  • The Taxi booking software caters to three entities namely Software owner known as Administrator of the system, then come to the driver and then the passenger.
  • All the processes take place by way of Smartphone apps and website. 
  • The administrator manages the website from where the drivers can register themselves and be a part of the system.
  • The passengers can also book their rides by installing the mobile app in their smart phones from respective platforms.
  • Once the passenger looks for the ride based on his current location, all the nearby available taxis would be visible to him on his mobile screen, whereby he can select the one he wants.
  • Once the taxi is booked, the driver of the booked taxi will get an immediate notification with the location of the pickup and drop off.
  • When the driver reaches the pickup point, a notification will be sent to the passenger that the ride is waiting.
  • The same process is repeated once the drop off is done.
  • The payment is done online by the help of debit/credit card information given by the passenger at the time of registration.    
  • Once the payment is done, both the driver and the passenger can share their reviews.

Any good software solution provider would be able to develop the app for you but only the company that deals solely in taxi software solutions would be able to provide you with the best service and the timely help you need when you are stuck. You might get more options based on the company you select. V3CUBE is one such company that provides mouth-watering options that no businessperson would like to leave.

Dipti Buch, who likes to dabble in blog writing has written this blog.