How To Choose Pesach Hotel and Kosher Wine?

pesach hotel

Once you have selected the region for the Passover celebration, then the next two important that you need to consider. The first one is Pesach hotel and the second one is Kosher wine. If you are successful in choosing the best Kosher hotel and the best kosher wine, then your idea of Pesach celebration will be successful. Here, we are going to discuss various tips to choose Passover resorts and hotels.

Selecting Best Pesach Hotel

You should check the Passover package before finalizing anyone. Otherwise, you will end up selecting a hotel that is not of your choice. Most Passover locations are similar because they have sandy beaches, mountain skiing, but a good Pesach hotel can bring a big difference. You are going to spend a lot of time in your hotel. Therefore, you should choose a hotel wisely.

Pay Attention To Hotel Location

You should select the location of Passover very carefully. First of all, you should decide whether you want to stay near beaches, near greenery or stay by an incredible golf course? According to your preference, you should make a list of hotels at the selected destination.


The next important thing that you need to consider is your budget. Usually, Pesach programs are customizable according to your needs and requirements. If you tell your budgetary constraints to the tour operators, then they will provide you a list of hotels that fall inside your budget.

Type of Hotel

The next important that that you need to consider is the type of hotel where you want to stay. Some hotels are for couples only, some for adults, some are large resorts and some of them are boutique hotels. We recommend you choose a hotel with a beautiful lawn where you can have a walk.

Room Type

What kind of room do you want to have? Your hotel plays an important role because you are going to spend a lot of time here. Make sure that it is comfortable and relaxing.

Check Amenities

With the increase in amenities, the price of the hotel starts increasing. If you want to spend most of your time out of the hotel such as sightseeing, then you should not pay much attention to the amenities of a hotel. But, if you are planning to spend most of your time inside the hotel, then you have to check the amenities of the hotel or resort such as fitness center, tea and coffee room availability, kids’ entertainment zone, top-notch quality kosher food, etc.

Selecting The Best Kosher Wine

Now, you have selected the best Pesach hotel, then the next thing to consider is a selection of the best Kosher wine. There are various types of kosher wines available in the market. Wine has to fulfill various kosher requirements to be kosher. It is very important to make sure that Passover wine does not come in direct contact with chametz. Many wines are already accepted for Passover celebrations, but not all of them. Here, we are going to discuss different types of wines that you can have with Passover meal:


Merlot is one of the widely popular red wines around the whole world because of its easygoing, luscious dark fruit flavors and smooth nature. If you prefer to drink smooth red wine with various cherry notes, blackberry, and plum, then Merlot is the preferred choice. This wine is made up of red-skinned grapes and it has gone through different climatic conditions to produce food-friendly wines. Merlot is widely popular for its approachable style and sensual texture. This type of wine is plummy and velvety.

Cabernet sauvignon

This cabernet sauvignon is a youthful and vibrant wine. It is sweet in taste and it delivers lingering bright blackberry, dark cherry flavors, and cassis taste to your pallet. This kosher wine is rich and comprised of smooth texture. Thus, this Passover wine is perfect for drinking along with tomato-based dishes and red-meat-based dishes.  


This type of kosher wine is widely popular for the variety of grapes used for making this wine. Chardonnay has different flavor profiles and these are based on the place of manufacturing of this wine. The unoaked chardonnay wine is fresh and light and it is comprised of various stone fruits and citrus flavors. The oaked variety of chardonnay provides creamy texture, poignant tropical fruit, and vanilla touch. If you are looking for a distinctive white wine to pair with your kosher meal, then chardonnay is good for you. If you are looking for a good variety of kosher wines for your entire family, then this wine is a good choice. A good selection of wine can make your Passover amazing.

These were few ideas for Jewish people who are looking for different ways to make upcoming Passovers and Jewish kosher tours

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