Born tough

The meaning of vascularity is to have high, and visible veins that are being shown prominently, or in another word, you can say that the state of being muscular is also known as vascularity. Other than that if you have prominent and visible veins that are also called vascularity. Vascularity also depends upon your genetics, some people have lean muscles while others have fats and they can shape up their body with exercise.

The skin around your veins is thin so the visual appearance of your veins gets prominent, this is due to a lesser level of subcutaneous fats, which helps you to have defined and prominent veins and muscles.

There are certain ways through which you can increase your vascularity naturally, but before that let me tell you that if you are planning to hit the gym for bodybuilding or for any other workout I would suggest you have suitable gym attire first which should be immensely comfortable. Born tough workout clothes are sweat-wicking and are available at an affordable price.

There are several ways through which you can surely improve your vascularity naturally, and if you follow that method you can make your body look attractive.

Weight lifting.

If you are increasing your muscle mass, it means you are hitting the first point of building up your vascularity. When you lift up a heavy weight your heart rate rises, and your blood pressure gets higher in order to assist your muscles that are requiring more demand of blood. You tend to get bigger blood vessels when you are lifting heavy weights. Through resistance training, you can tremendously improve your blood flow as well, so when the blood flow is improved your blood vessels also get larger, which then ultimately looks visible. So yes! If you want to build vascularity, resistance training or weight lifting are the best exercises to practice first.

Focus on reducing fats.

The next step should be shedding extra fats from your body. You can reduce the fats by performing the cardiac workout, and by consuming a diet rich in proteins, and consuming fewer calories. The lower fat concentration underneath your skin will ultimately make your veins more prominent and visible.

Besides that, if you want to hit the gym for any workout as I mentioned above you need to have stretchable gym workout clothes. Born tough workout gym attire and other gym accessories are durable, comfortable yet stylish.

Focussing on your diet.

You need to consume food that will help you to build up muscles. Also, you have to reduce your caloric intake. The foods which you should consume are chicken, turkey, low-fat yogurt, chickpeas, legumes, fruits, milk, and soybeans as well.

Also, keep in mind to stay hydrated, most athletes ignore drinking a sufficient amount of water which ultimately causes cramps in their muscles.  Make sure you are drinking 8 ounces of water daily.

You should also have herbal tea, coconut water, and fresh juices.

Restriction in blood flow by resistance bands.

You can resist the flow of the blood towards your heart and on the lower limb if you will use the resistance band or cuffs. When you perform this workout in the proper way you can build a greater mass of muscles and also can improve your vascularity. Similarly, you can also increase your athletic performance as well if you practice BFR ( blood flow restriction) technique. In order to perform the blood flow restriction technique, you need to perform several sets followed by various repetitions, with a short resting time period.

Also, you have to pay attention while you are squeezing out during each repetition and notice the movement of your muscles. So just work hard and follow the above-mentioned techniques, and stay motivated!!

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