How to Make the Most of Your Second Ashra Umrah Experience?

Second Ashra Umrah Experience

Thousands of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Umrah pilgrimage during the holy month of Ramadan. Although you can perform this holy journey in any month of the year but Ramadan holds immense benefits. Muslims from all over the world gather in the Masjid al-Haram to gain the most from this holy month. Most people prefer the second Ashra Umrah package as it holds unique significance and offers Muslims an opportunity to seek the Divine’s blessings. Performing Umrah and fasting in Ramadan is truly an enlightening experience. 

If you wish to have a transformative experience and enhance the rewards of your Ibadah, you must try doing Umrah in Ramadan. Going on Umrah during the second Ashra of Ramadan will allow you to enjoy several perks. You can ask for a 21-day package and spend the last days of Ramadan in these holy places. Every Ashra has its rewards and benefits, however, choosing the second Ashra Umrah package will allow you to enjoy the last days of Ramadan too. Seek refuge in Allah’s mercy and ask for his forgiveness for the past life and future. You first need to understand the importance of the second Ashra before diving deep into its advantages.

What is the Second Ashra of Ramadan?

Mid days of Ramadan that is 11th to 20th of this holy month are considered the second Ashra. Muslims seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah and ask for repentance from all the previous sins. This allows them an amazing opportunity to start their life with a new perspective. In second Ashra believers ask for Allah’s help to save them from hellfire. 

Why Choose Second Ashra Ramadan Umrah Packages?

No matter whether you travel during Ramadan or any time of the year you need to be fully prepared and plan your journey accordingly. Look for the package that goes well with your budget and at the same time offers you all the necessary services. Several travel agencies have tailored second Ashra Ramadan Umrah packages according to pilgrims’ preferences. While looking for the package make sure the convenience and comfort are preferred, as this offers a comprehensive approach to rituals. In most of the packages, basic services like accommodation, flight bookings, and transportation facilities are given. For a seamless experience, several companies even offer the amenities of meals and experienced guides. It all depends on your budget and which sort of services you want to avail.

Rewards of Second Ashra Ramadan Umrah Packages

Some narrations point out that performing Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan is equal to Hajj. The prophet of Allah (ﷺ) narrates in its hadith that if you perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan, it’ll be equivalent to Hajj. So, you can understand its importance from this hadith. Several other benefits are also mentioned below as to why you need to invest money in second Ashra Ramadan Umrah packages.

Spiritual Guidance

With the right sort of package offered by a reliable agency, you’ll be able to gain knowledge from experienced scholars. These scholars are experts in their field and they have immense knowledge that they like to share with fellows of the Muslim community. Travel agencies arrange these scholars by themselves so you don’t have to face any difficulty while performing the Umrah because most of the time pilgrims are unaware of the rituals of this sacred pilgrimage. The scholar will guide you all through the journey and will elaborate on its significance too.

Accommodation Near the Haram

Make sure to look for the second Ashra Umrah package that offers an accommodation facility near Masjid al-Haram. That way, you’ll get the opportunity to perform your prayers and rituals conveniently. When there is less distance from the hotel to the holy place, you’ll feel less tired. Eventually, you can use this energy to pray and can spend more time in the sacred surroundings.

Customized Journeys

The package offered by your travel agent should allow pilgrims to engage in additional prayers, supplications, and personal reflections. This customization ensures that each pilgrim can tailor their experience to align with their individual spiritual goals.

Educational Sessions

It would be the best experience for every pilgrim if they get an opportunity to get educational lessons regarding Islam during their sacred journey. Scholars provide pilgrims with insights into the historical and spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage. This enriching experience adds a layer of understanding to the rituals performed during Umrah.

Experience the Best Umrah Journey

  • As you know there is a lot of rush during Ramadan in Makkah and Madinah, so it’s better to look for the best packages before time. 
  • Offering extra nawafils and prayers in this peaceful environment of sacred place will truly offer you an amazing experience.
  • Try to gain maximum knowledge about Islam and dive deep into the history of Umrah rituals and their significance.

Final Thoughts

Booking the second Ashra Umrah package is the best opportunity to make a better relationship with Allah and participate in the blissful atmosphere of Ramadan. Having a reliable travel agency that offers convenience as well as guidance regarding journeys is truly a blessing. So, without any doubt choose Muslims Holy Travel as your traveling partner towards these holy places. May Allah listen to all your prayers and accept your journey towards His home.