Ways of Obtaining a Portugal Family Visa

PR Visa from Bahrain to Portugal.

The relatives or family members of a Portuguese can submit an application for a Portugal family visa if they are residents of another nation.

Immigration and Border Service (SEF) is liable for giving a Portugal family visa when many criteria are met by both the candidate and their family member. A vital thing to bear in mind is that every nation describes “family members” in their own way.

Let us see who can apply for a Portugal family visa. Search for the most renowned and trustworthy family visa consultants in UAE for Portugal.

Who Is Eligible For A Family Visa for Portugal?

The immediate family members of the Portuguese are the only ones who can submit an application for a Portugal family visa. As per Portugal’s Alien National Act, immediate family members are:

1.      Children under the custody of the aspirant.

2.       Minor kids, counting adopted kids.

3.      Children who are dependent on the aspirant and re-enrolled in a renowned institute in Portugal.

4.      A partner or spouse

Under the current law in Portugal, documents and criteria would be required to be met for proving the steadiness and excellence of a partner looking to join a resident of Portugal. The family visa will not be given if the partners and all subsequent dependents do not meet the necessary criteria.

Remember that those holding the residence permit on account of study, internship, or unpaid job might just apply for the Portugal family visa for the partner or dependents. Make sure that you meet all the obligatory family visa requirements for Portugal.

What documents the family member needs to submit with the family visa application?

Following are some of the key documents required for a Portugal family visa:

1.      Passport having a validity of at least 6 months

2.      Portugal visa application form

3.      Recent photographs

4.      Portugal taxpayer identification number

5.      Police clearance letter, excluding those who are under 16 and the relatives of an EU, EEA, or Swiss resident.

6.      Certificate of no debts to the Portuguese State

7.      Resident permit card of the primary applicant, not including the case of the Golden Visa.

8.      Medical insurance policy valid in Portugal, or Portuguese National Health Service Card.

9.      For every child, a birth certificate and, if the child is above 18 and unmarried, a marital status certificate and evidence of enrolment as a full-time student at a Portuguese learning institute. 

10.  Copy of adoption document and copies of confirmed adoption from the court in the existing country of residence.

11.  Document stating legitimate custody in the case of minor siblings.

12.  Evidence of enough funds for both applicant and the family members.

For How Long Is The Family Visa For Portugal Valid?

The family visa for Portugal is valid for the period of the residence permit of the sponsor. In instances in which the couple has been married for 5 years, the first residence permit has a validity of 2 years, and an independent visa is provided that has a validity of 3 years.

How Much Do I Have To Spend On A Portugal Family Visa?

The standard fee for a Portugal family visa is 84 Euros. In addition, you require paying the fee for the short-term national visa that is around 75 Euros.

Can I Obtain Permanent Residency With A Family Visa?

The answer is yes. You can apply for permanent residency only if you have completed 5 years of continuous stay in Portugal.  There are no limits on residency, but you should renew it every 5 years. As you apply for permanent residence, you have to submit a certificate that confirms you have obtained an adequate level of the Portuguese language. On top of this, the permanent residence permit or permanent residence visa is given to citizens with no past criminal convictions in their citizenship.

In How Much Time Will My Family Visa Application Be Processed?

The family visa application would take around 60 days for processing. SEF would post a written answer of the judgment to the candidate and would update the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Though, a few candidates might take an additional 60 days for reassessing. SEF, in this instance, would inform the candidate about the elongated period.

Summing UP:

The applicants’ sponsor must apply at SEF firstly for a family visa before applying at a local embassy. A number of documents are also needed from the sponsor. These can be a passport, family certificate, etc. SEF would re-examine this application in 60 days and update the sponsor of the applicant for PR Visa from Bahrain to Portugal.

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