How to Pack a mountain bike for air travel

mountain bike

When you’re flying on a plane, you can’t bring your bike on. But don’t despair! There are ways to pack your bike in a way that will allow you to get it to the airport safely and stow it in the plane’s baggage compartment. Air travel with a bike is possible, but you have to plan your trip carefully. So, in this post, I am going to write about how to pack a mountain bike for air travel easily.

Shift Into Hardest Gear

To shift gears, press the clutch lever in and use the gear shifter to change gears. The throttle must be in the On position while shifting gears. Allow the motorcycle to roll completely stop before shifting gears, especially when shifting from first to second gear.

For each gear, press the clutch lever in and shift the gear shifter to the next position while rolling. To pack easily your mountain bike is most important. For this, you must let your bike completely dry in place for about one week. Then you must disassemble the bike to let it get dry again.

Remove Pedals

Pedals are attached to your bike with a pedal wrench.

If you have a mountain bike, turn it upside down and remove the pedals.

For other bikes, consult the user’s manual for the exact procedure.

When the pedal is loose, pull it off from the crank arm.

Remove Handlebars

There are two ways to remove a handlebar. The first way is to loosen the stem bolts and then pull the stem off the handlebar. The second way is to loosen the handlebar stem’s clamp screw and then unscrew the handlebar from the frame.

Here are some clues to think about:

– remove the handlebar from the stem.

– loosen the stem clamp bolts.

– loosen the stem from the handlebar.

– unscrew the handlebar stem clamp and pull off the handlebar.

Remove Seat Post

You can remove the seat post from a mountain bike by using a hex wrench. Use the wrench to loosen the bolt on the seat post and then slide the seat post out of the frame.

Remove Wheels

To remove the wheels from a mountain bike, hold the bike’s frame with one hand and unscrew the bolts with the other. Be careful not to drop the bolts on the ground.

Spacers In Brake Calipers

Insert a spacer in your brake calipers by applying a lubricant to the threads of the spacer and insert it into the brake calipers. No lubricant? Then use a little grease or soapy water to help them slide in.

Remove Brake Rotors

You will need to remove the left and right-hand side brake rotors. Finally, you will need to remove the left side axle which will expose the left side hub. Check to make sure this hub has a quick-release mechanism. If it does, flip that wheel over and check the other side of the hub.

Cushion Derailleur

The first option for removing your derailleur is to simply remove the front wheel. Gently pull the derailleur away from the chainring and unscrew it from the frame. After you have removed the chain, you can loosen the screw on the derailleur and slide it out of the frame.

Secure the Chain, Derailleur, and Crank Arms

You should secure the chain, derailleur, and crank arms from a bike by using a paper clip. The purpose of this is to protect the bike’s drivetrain in transit.

Collect and Pack All of the Equipment In the Bag

To pack all necessary equipment from a mountain bike into a bag, place the bag on the ground and place the bike on top of it. Next, wrap the handlebars with the handlebar tape, with the brakes and gears facing downwards. Then move the pedals to the top of the wheels Wear the helmet when packing the bike in the bag.


When packing a bike for air travel, it’s very important to pick the right bike box.  To avoid damage, you need to avoid hard, sharp edges like aluminum ends, and if you are going on a bike tour, you should pick something that has a rigid midsection so that the frame doesn’t bend out of shape. So, now you know how to pack a mountain bike for air travel.

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