How to Record Video While Riding A Bike?

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So, what is the best way to capture video while riding a bicycle? While it can seem mundane, many cyclists and motorists are curious to learn the answer. In our culture, capturing videos of different acts has become the norm. Biker and commuter spirits are boosted even further by the presence of a slew of social media hangers. If you don’t document the entire action, you might skip a lot of important details. 

You will remember those moments if you record them. Furthermore, something can happen while riding a bike or a bicycle, so recording the entire ride allows you to monitor, watch, and share the entire action. 

Only a true sports fan would recognise the need for a special bike phone mount that will allow him to document every step of his journey. So, what’s the solution to the issue of “how to capture video while riding a bike”? We’ve put together a short how-to guide for all you cyclists and bikers out there. Let’s get started.

1: You will need a dedicated camera.

It’s now clear that you’ll need the camera to capture some wild footage while riding your bike. However, the point is that you should purchase a dedicated camera. The average point-and-shoot camera might not be the best choice for capturing some breathtaking bike images. Regardless of the fact that they have a video recording capability.

You don’t want a blurry picture that’s unwatchable. As a result, it’s best to invest in a dedicated camera like the Go Pro or another action camera. These action cameras have excellent image quality and image stabilisation. Furthermore, these cameras have excellent built-in modes for recording specific shoots. A sports mode, for example, is available on all action cameras. As a result, having a dedicated action camera would make the job much easier for you.

2: It’s Important to Have a Stable Phone Mount

Do you know that if your camera isn’t correctly mounted on a gimbal or a dedicated bike phone mount when vlogging on your bike, you risk losing it? Most bikers have witnessed this. Don’t worry, there is a simple solution as well. Simply purchase a dependable bike phone mount, such as. These phone mounts will not only help you catch incredible moments, but they will also shield your camera from falls. You never know when you’ll have a rough day, so it’s best to be ready. You must first buy a camera that is compatible with a variety of bike phone mounts before buying a phone mount for your bike.

3: Never Forget To Take A Practice Shot

Have you ever heard a DJ say hello 123… before picking up the microphone? If you answered yes, you should be aware of how important it is to test your equipment prior to the live-action shoot. Take a test shot before you start filming. If your camera has one, use it to double-check that all of the settings are right. If not, you can link your little shooter to a mobile app to see what it’s capturing. As a result, you can double-check all of the appropriate camera settings in this manner.

4: Note the fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of cameras and the filmmaking process. Even if you don’t know anything about photography, the automatic mode of an action camera will suffice. For better framing, learn the law of thirds. Certain shots will significantly improve the value of your images. Learn and practise them to give your videos a professional look.

5: It’s Time to Share With Your Friends and Family

How do you record video while riding a bike after you’ve followed every step? It’s time to put everything together. For this, you can use any free or paid editing tools. To hold your audience’s attention, try using short clips. Once you’ve finished recording your videos, share them with your peers, family, and social circle. It’s also a smart idea to post your recording on social media to gain some attention.

Additional Bike Video Recording Tips

1: In order to please your community, say a lie.

Simple point-and-shoot videos will not pique the interest of your friends, family, or online audience. The aim of recording videos should be to say a storey to the viewer. For this, you can play with various shooting angles. A basic scene can be filmed in a hundred different ways. So, first study the angles, then practise them. Have them in your videos to see how it affects the audience.

2: Choose Useful Equipment

Shooting with equipment that isn’t too large and bulky would be a breeze for you. Because you need to record high-quality videos in a short amount of time, the size of the equipment is critical. So, first and foremost, get a handy camera. Choose one with decent picture quality and isn’t too bulky.

The Go Pro is an excellent example of such a useful camera. It’s a small, lightweight action camera with a lot of features. Other required accessories, such as a bike phone mount, should be small and lightweight as well. The small accessories will help you take better pictures when on the go.

3: Do You Have a Back-Up Plan?

Let’s say you took some great photos while remembering all of the essentials. What if something goes wrong with your camera or SD card? How can you get access to all of the videos you’ve just captured? On paper, it seems to be an unfortunate occurrence that does not occur in the majority of cases.

But what if something like this happens to you? As a result, you can back up all of the videos and audio files you record. Build a cloud backup of your valuable video files by buying or trying free cloud storage services.

Final Thoughts:

But you’ve thought of a way to “record video while riding a bike”? In fact, if you know the basics and have the proper equipment, it’s not that difficult. We covered everything from tips and tricks to a buying guide for the right accessories in this quick how-to. Recording, editing, and sharing your favourite bike riding videos on the web has never been easier. Will you be the next well-known social media driver to pull you over?

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