How to Spend Amazing Kosher Vacation in Caribbean?

pesach vacation to caribbean

Traveling and keeping kosher is very difficult because you may not easily get access to kosher food. Traveling means a lot of fun, sightseeing, relaxing, and enjoying local food. On the other hand, kosher travelers have to ensure kosher food available at their destination. So, where do you want to travel while keeping kosher? Israel is one of the best places for kosher travelers because they do not need to worry availability of kosher food items. Israel is a very small and beautiful country. This country is rich in cultural aficionados, adventurous places, spiritual sites, and historical sites. Israel is good for adventure seekers, history lovers, foodies, and families.  

Most people think that all hotels and restaurants are kosher. But this is not true. In Israel, you may easily find kosher hotels and restaurants. But all restaurants are not kosher. Israel boasts of paying attention to Kosher food. Therefore, this place is perfect for kosher travelers. In addition to this, El AI, a national airline in Israel also offers kosher food. A trip to Israel can be quite expensive for many. But, you do not need to worry because there are many other options where you can travel while keeping kosher.

You can plan your kosher travel like a Pesach vacation to the Caribbean. In the Caribbean region, you can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful beaches. Are you ready to pack your bags to go on vacation in the Caribbean? In this place, you can relax near the beaches, meet the clear blue sky, play in crystal clear water and enjoy mouth-water kosher food. Want to have a perfect kosher vacation in the Caribbean? You have two options and you have to select one out of these two: You can pack your bags with enough kosher food that you do not need to worry about its availability at the destination or you can contact the Passover programs’ operators who will make every possible arrangement to make your tour memorable.

Well, some Chabad families used to live in the Caribbean. They can help you to provide kosher food. But, we recommend you contact tour operators so that your vacation feels like a vacation. The Caribbean is a place that is widely popular for its luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and clear turquoise water. You can plan your Pesach vacation in three different regions in the Caribbean: Bahamas, Jamaica, and Anguilla.


The Bahamas is a beautiful place and you can spend a Pesach vacation in this luxurious resort and spa of Bahamas. The luxurious resorts of the Bahamas have plenty of luxurious items that will you enjoy your time in the resort. In the Bahamas, you can enjoy your time in huge water parks, pools, beaches, and golf. Also, you can go swimming with dolphins.

All these things will help in making an unforgettable vacation for you and your family. These kinds of activities are enjoyed by everyone. If you want to plan your vacation for the upcoming Passover in the Bahamas, you should contact the tour operators of Passover programs 2022. They will make necessary arrangements for you in the Bahamas to make sure your vacations become amazing and memorable. Also, they will make arrangements for kosher food so that you do not face any problems.  


Anguilla is a place with so many luxury resorts, hotels, and villas. You can do water sports activities in Anguilla such as glass-bottom kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, golf, and tennis. We recommend you contact the tour operators who organize Passover programs. These operators will customize the programs as per your needs and requirements. They will make arrangements for shul, entertainment, sightseeing, and day camp.


For people who want to take a feel of home while away from home, then a private villa in Jamaica is the perfect stay option. Jamaica is like staying at home without cooking, cleaning, and preparation. It means you can have perfect Passover vacations in Jamaica. Every villa has its cook who is capable to prepare kosher food. In addition to this, every villa has its private swimming pool, gym, golf course, and tennis. You can also join the Chabad communal seders.

If you want to prepare your cook by yourself, then you easily purchase the required ingredients from Chabad. The Passover program’s operators will also take you to the nearby shul where you can enjoy lectures and shiurim. The Passover program operators know that happy children mean happy parents. Therefore, the Passover programs’ operators also take care of kid’s entertainment such as teen programs, day camps, and playgroups. They will also arrange devoted counselors who will keep your kids engaged and smiling. You can live your moments and make your Passover vacations memorable.  Plan your vacation now because Passover is arriving soon.

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