How To Travel To Kedarnath? How Much Money Will Be Spent, Know The Complete Details

travel to kedarnath

To visit Kedarnath temple, first of all you have to go to Haridwar. The city is well connected by road and rail to major cities of the country like Delhi.

The journey from Delhi to Kedarnath can be completed for Rs 10,000.

Kedarnath Dham is the symbol of Hindu belief in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Devotees wait throughout the year to visit Kedarnath Dham. Mountains surrounded by clouds, passion to keep moving forward with continuous climbing, never ending roads, rivers, culture, religion, you can enjoy all these things in this journey.

Register first to go to Kedarnath

To go to Kedarnath and Badrinath, it is necessary to register first. For which the Uttarakhand government has provided the facility of registration in an easy way for free. 

Making a plan without registration cannot be called a wise move. So make sure to register before reaching there.

To visit Kedarnath, first you have to go to Haridwar. After this you go to Rishikesh. Then you will get a bus from Rishikesh to Rudraprayag or Sonprayag. You can also book a Taxi Service at Haridwar.

Traveling from Rishikesh to Sonprayag by bus will cost around Rs 500. This distance is about 8 hours and almost 200 plus kilometers. In this way, the taste of big mountains, beautiful rivers and delicious Garhwali food can also be tasted.

You will have to go to Gaurikund from Sonprayag. Its distance is 5 km and the fare for one person is about 50 rupees. After that you will reach that place. 

From where the journey of 18 kilometers to reach the temple of Baba Kedar is started. After Gaurikund, as you keep on climbing up. Inflation will increase even more than the government figures. Water bottles will be available for Rs.50-60 and Maggi will be available for Rs.60. A plate of dal rice will be available for Rs 150 and 4 rotis and dal will be available for Rs 120.

How much money will it cost to go by mule and palanquin?

Generally, Jangalpatti, Bhimbali, Rambada, Lincholi and Rudra Point come on the way to reach Kedarnath from Gaurikund. Which may take 8-10 hours. Sometimes it may take more than that. Those traveling by mule may have to pay Rs 2500 one way as per the government rate. Whereas the rates of palanquins are up to Rs.8000-10000. With this, you may have to pay up to Rs 6500-7000 for climbing the pithu (Bag which is carried on back).

The fare is less at the time of landing

Usually one can easily reach Gaurikund from Kedarnath in 5-6 hours while descending. On the other hand, the rate of coming by mule reduces to Rs.1700, the rate of coming by pithu becomes Rs.5000.

There are more chances of slipping while landing. That’s why you should get down after making a grip. Mules should also be instructed to get down slowly.

How much will it cost from Delhi?

Overall, if you start your journey from Delhi, a car can be booked till Rishikesh for Rs 5000. The cost of the entire trip can come up to around Rs 10,000. If you travel in a group, then the cost can be slightly less. In this way, the journey of Kedarnath and Badridham can be done in less money.