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cost of living in Italy

The Italian economy is getting poor? This state has a debt of 130 percent. gross domestic product (GDP)? Would raising the base interest rate for Italy to be a disaster because this country is now avoiding a crisis with only zero interest rates? Send parcel to Italy and you will understand what we are talking about.

These are the questions that economists are looking for answers to. On the other hand, tourists who buy tickets on low-cost airlines are kneeling against Italy. They may grumble because of the delayed trains, because of the terribly long siesta, or because of the complete indifference of the Italians to those who get nervous just because they are late somewhere. Meanwhile, the Italians themselves like to proudly raise their heads and, by releasing their throats, explain that they are growing and producing in their state everything they need for themselves. 

Cafe and coffe

Coffee, food and market prices. They have fruits, vegetables, beef and dairy cattle, pigs, grains. They drown in the vineyards and cover almost the whole world with wine. They make their own music and listen to it in their own family cafes while enjoying it. She roasts coffee beans and drinks incredibly strong, impeccable-tasting coffee on every corner. 

They stuff those ravioli, pizzas, pasta, and anything that can be made from wheat flour. And, for the jealousy of the Nordics, do not thicken. They are splashed with perfume and produce cosmetics of impeccable quality. 

They know how to sew clothes and wear them. And they really know how to work what they like: cutting, combing, making, eating … Coffee that breaks your legs Travel fatigue when a Ryanair plane lands at Bergamo airport (autumn flights from Vilnius to Bergamo and back are enough for 70 euros ), and when the bus arrives to the city center, it instantly makes the door of the nearest cafe useful. And translates from the stem. “1.5 euros”, – the barista puts his finger on the numbers at the cash register, and seeing them, it is hard to believe that he was not wrong. This is the price for espresso coffee and butter croissant. 

Those who enjoy cafes in Vilnius are well aware that the price of croissants in them is around 1.9-2.2 euros. Espresso coffee costs the euro in the Caffeine network, while elsewhere it ranges from 1.2 to 1.6 euros and above. What to impress about all kinds of white coffee – latte, cappuccino, whose prices go up from 2 euros. Frustrated? Of course. Is it better not to drink coffee? You can also not drink. But who will forbid comparing its prices?


There is such a “sheep” cafe in Bologna. “Avyčių” is only because it sells coffee with a sheep’s muzzle painted on it, which costs € 14.5 in a 350 g package. But not her Italians buy it here. And not an espresso made from quality coffee beans, which costs 1.3 euros here, in the very center of the city. Although the price of bleached coffee – latte – is only 1.8 euros. 

A piece of pizza at Forn Brisa Café-Café costs € 2.2, but it is heavily loaded with everything the guys at this café-cafeteria have come up with. In the morning, they cram in the Forn Brisa café-cafeteria at the counter and grab a variety of pizzas, which cost 2.2 euros a piece and are packed with everything the guys working in this café-cafeteria come up with. Without sparing Parma ham, various types of cheese, mushrooms, olives, onions, and as many spices as possible. Loaded with tomato paste, they bake what is not possible elsewhere in Bologna. But it is heavily loaded with everything the guys at this café-cafeteria have come up with. They also buy fresh bread, although it really isn’t cheap here. The price per kilogram depends on what is added to the dough and rotates between 6.5 and 9 euros. It is possible to compare: a kilogram of homemade bread baked with yeast costs 3.5-4.5 euros.

Anyway, the cheapest pizzas in northern Italian cafes cost 7-8 euros. However, one can take pleasure in the fact that her one-on-two cursing is through the eyes. Butter, pensions, and more are said to be more expensive in northern Italy than in the south. However, it no longer seems to people that food in it is very expensive. According to economists food prices in other areas no longer frighten travelers from foreign countries simply because foreigners grew and reached the level of Italians. 

Food in Italy

Looking at the butter prices in the supermarkets of northern Italy, it is also clear that the rise in butter prices that dominated the world in the summer did not escape the country. But she did not hurt her people very much either. Butter costs about the same in Italy as elsewhere. A package of 200 g of butter currently costs 1.8-1.9 euros – half a year ago its price was 1.45-1.6 euros. Then butter kilThe price of the program is currently around € 9.5. In Italy, butter is usually packaged in 250 g sachets and costs between € 2.3 and € 3.1: this kilogram of dairy product costs around € 9.2-12. It is time to remind that the average salary in Italy is 2.5 thousand. EUR (pension – 1.7 thousand euros). 

Prices fo products

The average old-age pension is about 270 euros, the average salary (before taxes) is about 817 euros. Market prices Here are some more prices that caught my eye at the Bologna weekend market: Fish market in Bologna coarse sea fish 35-38 Eur / kg small sea fish 2.5-14 Eur / kg fresh pork ham with bone 5.9 Eur / kg pork ham without bone 10 Eur / kg smoked Parma ham 22 Eur / kg rabbit 7.9 Eur / kg chicken 3.5 Eur / kg chicken fillet 7.9 Eur / kg turkey fillet 8.9 Eur / kg Parma cheese (parmesan, 32 months maturation) 18.9 Eur / kg handmade ravioli (Italian dumplings) 22 -26 Eur / kg broccoli 3.8 Eur / kg red peppers 4 Eur / kg tomatoes 3 Eur / kg grapes 1.7-4 Eur / kg melons 3 Eur / kg plums 1.5 Eur / kg.

In the end

We’ve managed to cover the most important fact about Italy and compared essential factors. If you would like to learn more specifically about how to send parcel to Italy of from it check out

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