Jaisalmer Tour: Break Out From The Ordinary

The ideal way to appreciate the beauty of the desert at night beneath starry skies is to stay at one of the  Desert Camps Jaisalmer Sam sand dunes. Spend a night away from the bustle of the city, surrounded by the enchanted beauty of the desert, like the Maharajas of yore. For the more affluent traveler, there are opulent campgrounds accessible, but there are also budget-friendly options.

Most of the desert camps in Jaisalmer are near the Sam Sand Dunes, and more lately, tourists have started to frequent the Khuri Sand Dunes as well. From every tent, you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the desert landscape.

The tents have a classic furniture, bespoke design, and all the essential facilities you may want. You can experience gypsy music and dance at a luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer, or you can ride a camel through the desert on a safari.

Escape the ordinary and enjoy these key attraction in Jaisalmer:

1. Go Quad biking 

While on a desert safari, you really must see the Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer. It is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan and a desert area on the fringes of the Jaisalmer Desert National Park. It is strongly recommended to go on a camel or jeep safari since the spectacular beauty of nature will enthrall you and provide you with opportunities for adventures that are perfect for shooting pictures.

Sam Sand Dunes are also home to some of Jaisalmer’s best desert camps. Sam Sand Dunes’ finest activities include quad biking and dune-bashing, both of which are significant Jaisalmer desert safari attractions. Off-roading and dune bashing are best done in the desert near Jaisalmer.

2. Folk dance

The musical evenings are the lifeblood of Jaisalmer’s desert settlements. It’s time to celebrate after a strenuous day of slogging sand and dust through the Desert with some energetic folk music and dance gestures in a relaxed atmosphere. Rajasthan has a long history of producing uplifting, soulful music that inspires you to tap your feet to the beat.

The night gets darker and darker as the time for Rajasthani dance, where dancers compete to win everything, approaches. The timing of the events is coordinated to keep the audience seated and interested. The activities at the Jaisalmer desert safari camp come to a close with an exquisite lunch prepared in the traditional Rajasthani manner. 

3. Camel safari

While the camel pulls you across the Thar while you sit on its back, hold on to its hump. The ride will show you the best animals and will take you into the most remote areas of the desert. In addition, you come across a wide range of towns where the locals live.

Explore the immense riches of the desert and enjoy a gorgeous sunset on a non-tourist camel safari, making it the best desert safari in Jaisalmer. If you just have a few hours, take a quick camel safari in Jaisalmer to explore the magnificent Sam Desert dunes.

3. Jeep safari

After camel safari, the second most popular activity in Jaisalmer is vehicle safari, which carries you comfortably and conveniently over the Thar Desert’s unexplored magnificence. Jeeps are quicker than camels and give an exciting ride across the shimmering sand dunes. Jeep safari is the most enjoyable activity among tourists visiting a Jaisalmer desert safari lodge tells a lot about it.

The majority of the time, it starts with a trip to the Fossil Park or Desert National Park, then makes a pit stop at the Sam Sand Dunes before transporting the guests to the Padholi Sanctuary while taking advantage of everything the desert has to offer.

Tips for desert safari in Jaisalmer

1. Choosing a trustworthy tour operator

That is essential because Jaisalmer is home to numerous tour operators that provide desert safaris. Read reviews, compare prices, and search for certificates to ensure a safe and well-run safari. The greatest travel packages are available from Delightful India Holidays for you to have a fantastic trip.

2. Dress appropriately

It’s important to dress appropriately because the desert may turn very hot during the day and chilly at night. Carry a shawl or jacket for chilly evenings and dress in loose, comfortable clothes that cover your skin to protect from the sun and sand.

3. Stay hydrated

Dehydration can be a problem in the desert, so keep hydrated the entire time you’re on your safari by drinking lots of water and other liquids. Keep drinking water at regular intervals by carrying a water bottle with you.

4. Use sun protection

To shield yourself from the damaging UV rays caused by the desert sun, wear sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen with a high SPF.

5. Take safety precautions

Your tour guide will give you safety instructions; pay attention to them and pay attention to them. To guarantee your safety, avoid going out on your own and stick to the approved locations.

Marvin Desert camp 

You can experience the  luxurious Swiss tents in Jaisalmer with one king-size bed or two twin beds at Marvin Desert Camp.Towels and all-white, opulent bed linens are provided. Each tent comes equipped with a contemporary bathroom that has a shower, a toilet with a western flush and flowing hot and cold water. A heater, air conditioner, and fan are included in each tent.

Get ready to witness one of the most stunning sunsets as it sets behind the dunes. Arrive at the best desert camp in Jaisalmer during evening for a ceremonial welcome complete with aarti-tikka and dhols.  At the Jaisalmer desert safari camp of your choice, have a welcome beverage as Rajasthani folk musicians and dancers perform.


1. What time of year is ideal for a trip to Jaisalmer?

The winter months of November to February are the ideal time to visit Jaisalmer since the weather is pleasant and the temperatures are lower. The region experiences occasional rainfall throughout the monsoon season (July to September), which can bring severely scorching summers (March to June).

2. Where can you experience a night under the sky?

 an adventure of a lifetime from Jaisalmer and explore the luxury swiss tent in Jaisalmer at marvin desert camp.

3. Famous food in Jaisalmer?

The cuisine in Jaisalmer is Rajasthani. The most well-known dishes are dal batti, churma, gatte ki sbji, and sarso ka sang.