Jester Sailing Adventures offers a unique sailing adventure in the Caribbean. Launched in 2021, Jester Sailing Adventures specializes in providing charter sailing adventures for groups and families. It has become one of the most popular charter sailing companies in the Caribbean and tours throughout the Caribbean are booked in advance to allow visitors to try out the services before visiting the island. Water Bay St. Thomas, which is the company’s primary facility, is located on Virgin Island.

Water Bay offers one of the most unique sailing experiences in the world. The unique, “in your face” style of sailing and cruising has made it one of the most popular destinations for group sailing trips. At Water Bay, visitors will experience all the excitement and enjoyment that sailing provides, but at a much smaller scale.

In addition to water sports, Water Bay St. Thomas offers a fun experience that some individuals find to be exciting enough on their own. Jester Sailing Adventures has group sailing packages that offer scenic sailing in “the clear blue sea”. There are also group sailing excursions where group members can experience “undersea technology”. And, perhaps best of all, Jester Sailing Adventures has several fun activities that all group members can participate in during their vacation.

In their “underwater technology” experience, group members are able to survey the undersea world using “sea boots” and a variety of high-tech equipment. The result is a unique and educational experience that teaches all group members about various creatures that live on the ocean floor and about the natural currents and environmental factors that effect their lives. In addition to learning about the environment and creatures that live on the ocean floor, participants in a Jester Sailing adventure are also shown how to safely handle different types of equipment such as kayaks, canoes, fishing poles, and more. It also allows all group members to work together in a group, work on difficult sailing conditions, and to enjoy their shared adventure.

Jester Sailing Adventures has another group sailboat activity that is perfect for families, too. Known as the “tea boat race”, this fun event includes a tea kettle and everything you would expect from a sailboat race minus the actual boat and all of the accessories that go with it. A chartered sailboat will take you and your group on an enjoyable 5 mile course through the islands that make St. Thomas one of the most popular places to visit. Each of the individual boats is accompanied by crew members who know what they are doing and who have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly operate a sailboat. What’s more, each boat is equipped with sails that propel the group forward on the open waters.

When you join a Jester Sailing adventure, you can be confident that the people who will be taking you on this ride are qualified to do so. You will learn from experienced sailors, as well as from those who had joined in the past and went on to become successful experts in their own right. This makes every sailboat ride an adventure, because you will never know what new discoveries or exciting challenges lie ahead. As you journey across the clear blue Caribbean waters on your very own Jester Sailing adventure, you will see why it has become such a popular way to explore and sail the seas.

The opportunities are endless for a Jester Sailing adventure. Whether you just want to come and sail with a few friends on a scenic sailboat ride or you want to join a professional sailing crew, there are opportunities available. The group schedule is designed around the individual interests of each sailor. There are sailboat courses designed for beginners as well as advanced sailors, so there will be something available for everyone.

If you would like to take your entire family along for this fun adventure, then there are several different sailboat sizes available. You can choose a smaller sailboat if you are just going out for a romantic dinner on a beautiful Caribbean island or you can choose a larger boat if you have a crew on board and want to explore more of the Caribbean. Whatever your idea of a great sailing adventure, you will find that a Jester Sailing adventure is just what you are looking for. The crew on board the sailboat will treat you like family and share stories about the sea with you while you are enjoying all of the beautiful islands that make up the Caribbean.

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