How to know your teens are safe at home when you are traveling for a long period?

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Teen years bring back a lot of memories. Instantly, we drift to that part of our life when black was blacker and white was boring. There were temptations to discover their ways of doing things—an increase in hormonal activities imbalanced our every emotional gesture. 

Love, anger, envy and hatred, all seemed to be the same thing. Pretty nuts, huh?

Why am I mentioning these aspects of teenhood? Why should you think about the past? Now, it is the solution to how to make a safe environment for our teenagers. Here I have come up with interpersonal solutions and technological solutions like the use of parental control apps so that you can be sure that your kids are safe at home. 

Interpersonal Solution

The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that there is one. It is best to understand that it’s not the kids’ fault to try on new things and make dumb mistakes. It’s part of the process of growing up. It’s all-natural to be curious. But there is a point of no return with the mistakes done in this phase of life. 

We must make sure to mark that line harder in their conscience. It is the foremost way to ensure that our teens are safe at home when traveling for a long period or when they are out of reach.

You should remember your experiences and, based on them, try to figure out the thinking pattern of your teen children. Teenagers expect life to be free of responsibilities when they are with their friends. Kids are stressed because of their problems. There are problems at school, problems with the body change, problems with approval and appreciation among the peers. 

It is likely that they will make mistakes, lying to you, and argue about every small questioning. Sometimes in between the heated conversations, you see young you on their faces. Now, how weird is that? 

If you want them to be safe when you are not around, you have to relate to their life. You have to back them with your trust and belief, so whenever their instinct kicks in before making any offense, they pick up their phone and call.

Technological Solution

Secrets are another disguise as a blessing in teenagers’ lives. Even you try all tips and tricks from any source on parental guidance and maintain a good understanding with the kids, they will still have things to hide. The adrenaline rush that kids get from hiding facts and lying is itself addictive.

So, how can you reach them without agitating their cool of mind? How can you take care of them while neglecting them at the same time? 

It would help if you turned to something they are very fond of. No, not a bottle. 

You should take the help of technology. Many applications help to keep track of your teenage child’s activities. As a parent, you are protective of your kid’s life as much as you were careless in your teens. You know the risks, so it’s better to take precautions.

Mobile applications like, mSpy, Bark give you complete monitoring of your kid’s activity. You can remotely track their locations. You will have access to their location history with time and real-time geolocating capacity.  It is easy to anticipate risks by monitoring the place of their presence. The wrong neighborhood is a synonym for wrong time and danger. It is easier to find your children or make plans to make them change plans. 

Visiting friends’ places and having night-outs are common things to do when parents are not home. With the mobile spy application, you can have real-time alerts if your kid has left home, entered restricted areas, or if he has run away, eloped. You will need to connect your target mobile device with your spy application’s account. 


Parenting is a tough job when you are with younger children. They are stupid at making decisions, but you have to apply smart ways to deal with them. The personality a person gains in their teenage life is long-lasting. The experiences and problem-solving ability have a deep impact on their life and career goals. So, they must be guarded and nurtured well.

You do not know if your teens are safe at home when traveling for a long period. You have to take precautions beforehand and have faith in your children. If you can maintain for your children to turn to you when they are in a dilemma, you have done your job well. 

Methods of parental control are important for your satisfaction, but you should apply human methods rather than technology for a strong relationship. 

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