Experience and Highlights – Lares Trek at Machu Picchu

lares trek to machu picchu

Peru’s enchanting landscapes and rich cultural tapestry are best experienced off the beaten path, and the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu offers precisely that—an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. This trek, less frequented than the classic Inca Trail, promises not only a physical journey but a cultural immersion and a visual feast. Here, we delve into the experience and highlights that make the Lares Trek a captivating choice for those seeking a unique route to the iconic Machu Picchu.

Where is Lares located?

Nestled high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, the Lares Valley is a hidden gem awaiting adventurous souls. The journey to Lares unveils a landscape adorned with serene lakes, traditional Quechua villages, and majestic peaks. Located northwest of Cusco, Lares is a departure point for an off-the-beaten-path trek to the iconic Machu Picchu.

What are the Benefits of Trekking from Lares to Machu Picchu?

Cultural Immersion: Unlike the heavily trodden Inca Trail, the Lares Trek  offers an authentic cultural experience. Encounter indigenous communities, witness traditional weaving techniques, and engage with locals whose way of life remains deeply connected to the land.

Scenic Beauty: The Lares route mesmerizes trekkers with its breathtaking landscapes. Picture yourself traversing high mountain passes, verdant valleys, and pristine alpine lakes. Each step is a visual feast, providing a unique perspective of the Andean splendor.

Fewer Crowds: For those seeking a more intimate connection with nature and history, Lares offers respite from the bustling crowds of the Inca Trail. The tranquility of the journey allows for a deeper connection with the surroundings and a sense of solitude.

Hot Springs Interlude: One of the trek’s highlights is a visit to the soothing Lares Hot Springs. A well-deserved break, the natural thermal baths provide a therapeutic pause amidst the rugged terrain, offering trekkers a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Diverse Flora and Fauna: Lares is a biodiversity hotspot, boasting an array of flora and fauna. Marvel at the vibrant orchids, encounter grazing alpacas, and spot elusive Andean condors soaring overhead. The trek is not just a physical challenge but a journey through a rich ecological tapestry.

Alternative Route to Machu Picchu: While the classic Inca Trail is the most popular route to Machu Picchu, the Lares Trek offers an alternative that is equally awe-inspiring. The path weaves through remote landscapes, revealing a side of the Andes few get to witness.

My travel experience from Lares to Machu Picchu

Embarking on the Lares Trek was driven by my desire to experience an adventure beyond the typical tourist routes leading to Machu Picchu.

Day 1: Cusco to Lares Valley

Our journey began in Cusco, where we were welcomed by the crisp mountain air and a sense of anticipation. The drive to Lares Valley was a visual feast, with every twist and turn revealing new facets of the Peruvian landscape. Arriving in the quaint village of Lares, we were introduced to our trekking team and immersed in the local culture.

Day 2: Trekking Through Time

The first day of the trek led us through ancient trails, connecting us to the footsteps of the Inca civilization. Ascending mountain passes, we marveled at the panoramic views that stretched as far as the eye could see. Passing through traditional Andean villages, we glimpsed daily life untouched by modernity.

Day 3: Lares Hot Springs and Reflections

A highlight of the trek was our visit to the Lares Hot Springs. Nestled in a high-altitude valley, the therapeutic waters provided a welcomed respite. Surrounded by towering peaks, we soaked in the serenity and reflected on the journey so far.

Day 4: The Final Push to Machu Picchu

As we approached the grand finale of our trek, emotions ran high. The path led us through diverse landscapes—lush forests, ancient ruins, and steep ascents. The sense of achievement grew with every step, and the anticipation of reaching Machu Picchu fueled our determination.

Day 5: Arrival at Machu Picchu

The culmination of our trek was marked by the awe-inspiring sight of Machu Picchu. Emerging from the Sun Gate, the iconic citadel unfolded before us in all its splendor. The sense of accomplishment and the sheer beauty of the moment made every challenge along the way worthwhile.

In conclusion, the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu is not just a physical journey; it’s a cultural immersion, a scenic odyssey, and a testament to the human spirit. Choosing this path less traveled adds layers of depth to the experience, creating memories that resonate long after the journey’s end. For those seeking adventure beyond the ordinary, the Lares Trek beckons—a trail of discovery through the heart of the Andes.Experience and Highlights – Lares Trek at Machu Picchu